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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bad News on the Car

I stopped in at SEARS this morning, and although I wish businesses weren't open on Sunday, I'm glad they are. I have to work today, too...for the Church, and I HAD to get there.

Well, I knew it wasn't good when the first tech came in and indicated he wanted another opinion. After a bit, the person at the counter walked out, and she looked at my car. And then they got a supervisor, and he looked at my car.

And then came in to confirm the bad news; it's a leaking head gasket. They can't do the work, they said the leak was a large one, but not "dribbling" so I'd be ok to get to work and home. Just keep an eye out, they said. Fine.

But it means at least a $1500 bill, not to mention other car repairs that need to be done...not by their diagnosis, but by mine, and some regular maintenance that I've been putting off since I didn't have the money.

I'm going to admit I was in tears as I drove in to work, already knowing that this is going on my credit car (which has enough debt on it), and knowing that I have no choice. I can't not fix the car. Now I'm just trying to find a place that has a loaner to offer. And I'm not going to the dealer; their service might be good, but as a rule they won't use aftermarket or used parts where indicated.

God's will is in this somewhere, and so I just hope I can find a way to pay for these repairs.

Oh, my, I DO NOT need this problem!


Anonymous said...

What good luck that God sent you someone to share your rent and living expenses with the same week he sent you a broken down car!

(OK, it's a stretch, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on things.)

Adoro said...

Yeah, I thought of that too, but I don't know how long she's staying, it may not work out so it's not income I can count on!

But God is in this somewhere...eventually He'll show His hand...

Unknown said...

God bless you, Adoro. You sure are being tested in your commitment for that Theology degree.

ignorant redneck said...

Adoro, brace your self.

Get a Chiltons manual for your make, model and year of car. There are other brands of manuals as well.

Get a head Gasget kit.

Change it out.

It's a Big and messy job, but you can do it. Cheaper than you can have it done. Just be sure that the manual you purchase is clearly written and uses little "idiot steps" so that all you have to do is follow the steps.

Then drink lots of beer.

Adoro said...

Ray ~ This has nothing to do with my degree; that's being paid for via scholarship and student loans. It's not coming out of my pocket or my credit card.

IR ~ That would be a REALLY BAD IDEA for me. I am NOT mechanically gifted. I can see what's broken but fix it? I own a home and you should see all the maintenance that stymies me and thus isn't done. I clearly shouldn't own a home, either.

My neighbor tried to replace a head gasket in a vehicle he purchased. Um...after witnessing that, I'd rather turn it over to the pros and I'll drink beer while they work on my car and then I'll have someone else drive me over with the credit card, and then drive me home in the fixed car. Then I can cry in my beer some more.

Dang, skip the beer. I can cry without it!

Therese said...

I have no advise for you but wanted to let you know that I am praying for you.

Car problems suck big time.

uncle jim said...

year, make, model, engine size and the 8th digit of the VIN


uncle jim said...

go to

uncle jim said...

towards bottom of home page

center column

head gasket replacement

hope that helps

uncle jim

Anonymous said...

BE CAREFUL who you have do this repair. A local repairperson literally RUINED the engine of my sister's car ... broke the head gasket and the juices ruined the engine. Will say a prayer all round .. for peace, finances, and more peace.

Hidden One said...


Cathy_of_Alex said...

adoro: I recommend you contact Saturn and see if there is anything they can do. On my old Saturn my engine block cracked meaning they had to replace the entire engine. However, Saturn picked up the tab because it was a problem common in that model year and they are very cognizent of good PR and creating client loyalty.

I had to go to a dealership but the entire thing, several thousand dollars, did not cost me a dime.

Prayers here. Keep your chin up.