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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I can't get through a winter without some kind of car problem, usually having to do with the engine. * sigh *

Yesterday I had to work in the morning, drove out of my garage and went on my merry way. I parked outside when I got home because I needed to leave again. Well, I took some garbage out to the garage, and in so doing, saw a puddle of fresh-looking oil on the ground. I touched it to be sure it was oil and not just melted ice on a dirty floor. Nope. Oil.

I immediately went out to my car to check the oil. It seems clean, seems maybe slightly low, but OK.

I had to leave again, and in backing my car out, stopped to see if there was fresh oil. None.

I checked the oil again last night, didn't seem to be a problem. When I got home, I placed a paper bag under my car to help me detect whether it's continuing to leak and how much.

The place I took it on my last oil change is open on Sundays, but I happen to work today, assuming I can get there. I just checked the oil again, it again seems to be fine, not even needing to be topped off. I didn't see a leak under the car.

If it's important...I went with a synthetic oil at my last change, which now has about 2100 miles on it or so.

The temperature around here has been in the double-digits,, towards the low side. Cold, but not bitter (that'll come this week.) My garage isn't heated per se, but it is sheltered and so stays above freezing in the winter. What can cause a leak that's there one moment and gone the next?

Hopefully I can get through today, and tomorrow I'm off so I can take it to the shop and have them check it. I'm praying it's something simple and not, say, something along the line of a cracked block....


UPDATE! - Once I backed my car out of the garage, I did see a sizeable leak on the brown bag I'd placed underneath. It's leaking on the right side, so I'm also wondering if it's a torn CV boot or possibly power steering fluid. I am going to swing by the place that did the oil change to make sure it's not an issue.

It doesn't seem to be leaking at all outside, only in the above-freezing garage, which seems to indicate a problem with a seal. I've also learned of a couple other places that are open on Sundays and so I may be able to get there.

Please pray...I HAVE to get to work today; it's too much for my co-worker to handle alone!