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Friday, January 23, 2009

Prayer Request

I'm a huge fan of downhill skiing, and today discovered that because of a horrific training  crash in Kitzbuehl,  Austria,  Swiss downhill racer Daniel Albrecht is in rough shape and has been placed in an induced coma.  Please pray for his full recovery, and for his family, friends and teammates.  


Unknown said...

Will do, Adoro.

I was extremely fortunate in duty posts in the Army and I was stationed about 40 miles from Kitzbuehel in West Germany. Ten of us rented a chalet for the season and we would go down their almost every week for skiing. We worked shifts, so there were never ten there at any one time. That's where I learned how to ski.

One year, though, it was very warm and it really wasn't possible to ski all the way to the bottom. Probably the last 500 yards of the run was nothing but mud. But it was really great on top.

Another year, Jean Claude Killy won the Hahnenkamm race in something like 2 minutes and 20 seconds. He seemed to be still accelerating as he came across the finish line.

The next year was my last over there and we decided we would ski the race course after the race when it was opened to the public. The trail signs had a skull and crossbones on them.

To make a long story short, it took us about 45 minutes to go down the course, stopping many times to regain courage, and smoke a cigarette.

That is one steep and narrow course.

Adoro said...

Ray ~ That is SUPREMELY cool. You actually WATCHED, IN PERSON, Jean Claude Killey win the Hannenkahm?

WOW! What an incredible moment in sports history, and YOU WERE THERE!

I'd LOVE to ski that course, but I wouldn't stop to smoke, even if I did have to stop and control my fear! lol.

Racers have died on that course. No joke.

Thanks for your prayers for Daniel Albrecht. I hope we hear good news!