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Friday, January 23, 2009

THE CAR - The Saga Ends


I got my car back today, while debating whether to call and get a rental vehicle even for one day. I weighed the cost of a cab ride versus vehicle rental, and they came out about the same.  

Then, around 10:00 this morning, the shop called.  Lori said that I'd be pleasantly surprised, as the total bill came to just over $1,800, not the $2400 she quoted me.  She explained they replaced the head gasket, reconditioned head, changed the oil twice, and didn't need the other gaskets they had initially thought would be toast.  

I was nearly giddy on the phone with her, and of course, couldn't believe that I could actually be HAPPY about an $1800 bill.  What am I in, opposite world?  

But then again, when compared to the original quote of $2600 (via the dealer), who WOULDN'T be happy?   

No, I don't have the money, and my significant debt load has just increased by $1800.  But I'll take it.  The repair had to be done. 

I called a cab, he came more quickly than I'd expected and I told him so. He was happy to hear that; often he'll arrive within minutes and people literally ask what took so long.  I can believe it.  We had a nice chat en route to the shop, and when we arrived, my cab bill was nearly $27.00.  I handed him $25 and was reaching into my purse for the rest, and he said no, that was enough, and he'd take $25 for the trip.  I thanked him, completely shocked, as of course I was also going to offer a tip.  

But he didn't want any more.  

You just never know what kind of nice people will come your way, and you know...the smallest kindnesses are the ones that seem to mean the most and are the ones we most remember. 

So I got my car back...and am {not} looking forward to paying the $1800 I put on a credit card today.  

Such is life.  You've all been there. You know.  


Fr. Andrew said...

I am very happy to hear things are resolved and resolved favorably!

Adoro said...

Father ~ as favorably as possible, I guess! (I'd prefer NOT to have such a huge debt...)

uncle jim said...

this is your blog

we'll not get into a contest for stories to better yours

i 'gulp' hard to fathom and swallow the magnitude of your experience as it is

next year let's look back and see what was wrought

Adoro said...

Uncle Jim ~ You see worse every day, and I know you've experienced worse.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

This is happy news (you know what I mean!)! I'm thanking God for the hidden Angel in the cab.