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Friday, January 16, 2009


This week my worries have been mostly dominated by my car and the bill, but at the same time, I know God's hand is in this and that somehow, it'll work out.

After all, this is also the same week He sent me a roommate to help with the cost of living.

So although I've been worried, even that hasn't been as bad as it could be. (Although maybe when I hand over my credit card to pay the bill the shock will hit me hard...maybe I'm in denial now.)

But here's the thing; I can't really feel sorry for myself. There's a LOT of suffering going on out there. I know of at least THREE people in surgery today, ranging from minor to major. I know of people suffering terminal illnesses. All of these people have loved ones worried about them and praying for them.

I know of other people experiencing major financial issues like I am, but in their case, it has come in the form of Assessments from the City...upwards of $2,000. They can't afford it, either.

I further realize that the fact I have good credit and can put my own car repairs on a credit card is a big deal. There are an awful lot of people out there who don't even have that and truly can't pay even their monthly bills at all. And without a car, they'll lose what meager things they already have. And perhaps they don't have people around them willing to go out of their way to drive them around, even in the short term.

In assessing my own situation, although it isn't pleasant, and yes, I hate cars even more than before, well, it's not so bad. Big deal. I'm inconvenienced, and maybe this means I won't get to go to Ohio or visit a certain community I've been hoping to get to for months (over on the East coast). Maybe it means I won't get to pay down my debt as I'd hoped. It's kinda going the wrong way...up! But that's OK. God is in charge. He knew this would happen, He allowed it, and for a reason.

Maybe because it's forcing me to depend on others for assistance. I like being independent and not asking for help, but it's clear I can't do what I need to do without help. I hate inconveniencing others for my sake, but here it is...I've asked, and some have offered to be inconvenienced.

Somehow this will work out...for me, and hopefully for all the others who are suffering worse things. I guess I'd rather have car problems than major surgery.

So I'm offering up my own pitiful suffering on behalf of those who are experiencing worse. Maybe I can't control what happens, but I can control how I react. And I really need to be grateful for all those in my life who are helping me in some way with my current crisis. Because of them, it's not really a crisis. Just an inconvenience.

That's not so bad.


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reads like you've found a pot of gold

ukok said...

I'm with you on the car worries, the day after new years day i dropped my mum off home, got in the car and nothing happened. The RAC came out after 2 hours and the noce man managed to start the car up eventually...but smoke was gushing out of it and he followed me home. When i got it on my drive he dismantled the battery and said that the problem i had could have set the car on fire..while i was in it...fortunately my dear parents stumped up the repair money but it is such a drain...bits are always falling off the thing...and then i think 'come on can drive! You have a car, you're one of the fortunate ones'!

All the best to you, hope you are having a good weekend!