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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life is Changing

A couple days ago, in musing about the virtue of charity and the need I have to really do a better job of extending myself to others, I was also taking stock of the blessings I have. While I don't have a lot of money and often struggle to pay my bills (especially in winter with the increase in heating costs, gifts for people, events necessitating "extras" that aren't a part of my budget, etc.), well, a lot of scrimping..or debt increase, happens. But I have a roof over my head, and I have what I need.

Then I wondered...what if someone else needed what I have, maybe the only thing I can offer right now? If someone needed a place to stay, would I be willing to take them in? I didn't have to think long; I gave a big yes to that. Because I've been in that place before, and of course, I love God. Therefore I'd have to do the right thing.

Funny how Our Lord works.

Last night I received a phone call from a friend, and she said she was at a particular motel. What?! She's local! What happened?

When I called her back she launched into an explanation of her housing crisis, her typical mad series of events that has placed her in a bad spot. She has a job, she has money, but suddenly she has no apartment. Her belongings are in storage.

She didn't ask outright, but it was clear what she needed. And so I told her that if she needs a place, she can stay with me.

The problem is that my spare room is a storage room and it's not quite livable. It can be made so, first by moving junk around, then by actually getting rid of junk. Which I want to do.

Well, a roommate is a great motivator to get rid of stuff, and she has a gift for that kind of organization.

She knows I'm starting school again in a week, she knows I have a dog, and she basically knows what she's getting into. So I hope this works out. I don't know yet if this will be short-term or longer term. But I will say this; it'll be nice to have someone else to help with expenses. It'll be nice to know that I can go to the gym after work because the dog has been let out already.

But it'll be hard living with another person again, and having to be "inconvenienced", yet it's also necessary.

It's hard to grow in charity when there isn't anyone around to love.

So, some changes are coming, and on one hand, while I dread them a little, overall I'm looking forward to this new adventure. And I hope it works out, especially for the sake of my friend, who seems to have nowhere else to go.

Do you realize how close many of us are to that problem? When I was "homeless" in college, I had a place to go...a few of them. And so I have to admit that it gives me a sense of joy to finally be able to offer that to someone else. careful what you agree to in your musings and conversations with God...He might ask you to make good on it!


Melody K said...

" careful what you agree to in your musings and conversations with God...He might ask you to make good on it!" LOL! Been there and done that. And God does have a sense of humor.
Good luck with your new housemate, at least it will help with the expenses!

X said...

Praying that things work out well for both of you!

uncle jim said...

if you were here, we'd take you in in a moment. as you've read and heard, we've had quite a few non-family members move in with us for various periods of time from weeks to years. and it is always humbling and down-right hard work to make it go well ... sometimes it doesn't. but we try to be listening when the Lord says something like, "You know that spare room you have? ..."

Adoro said...

Melody and Angela ~ Thanks! I hope it goes well, too. But God lives in this house, my friend is a very faithful Catholic, so we'll have no problem in the area of religion and no issue with the fact my house is FULL of sacramentals and sacred art. :-)

Uncle Jim ~ When I invited my friend to stay with me, I was thinking of your example. :-) And I know you'd take me in in a moment if something happened. I'm so grateful for that.

The sad thing friend called 2 other friends first, one...well, they just didn't have any room, but made a suggestion to contact friend 2. So she did. Friend 2 gave her the brushoff, basically stating she didn't want to be inconvenienced. My friend has a lot of drama around her...always in some sort of crisis (ie her current housing problems), but there also always seems to be a lesson in faith there for her. I'll admit I'm hesitant because of the drama I know is bound to come with her, but...if she had somewhere else to go, she wouldn't be living in a hotel. And although my space is at a premium, with some work she and I can make it happen.

She's promised to help me get rid of my junk and organize what should be kept. I'm grateful for that alone!

It makes me wonder who's gettig the better deal. :-)

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Can she wield a hammer or a hedge trimmer? :-) She better be nice to both of my buddies or I'm coming over!

I saw a breadcrust stuck in my fence today and thought of you. The squirrels that live in my front tree must have put it there.

God bless you for being a true friend. I will pray that it will work out for both of you.

Anonymous said...

But it'll be hard living with another person again, and having to be "inconvenienced", yet it's also necessary.

It's hard to grow in charity when there isn't anyone around to love.

Could it be that God is whispering: "Let's see how you handle living in a community of two." :)

Adoro said...

Cathy ~ I dunno...probably better than I!

Tony ~ You picked up on EXACTLY where I was going with that comment. :-)