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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More on the Car Saga

I really hate cars.

Yesterday I drove it to work and home as usual, worried because of the cold weather (subzero), but it got me home fine. This morning it was -20 F., and I planned to drive to work as usual, although I was worried about a breakdown.

So I checked the oil...a little low. As I hadn't needed to add oil since I discovered the problem on Saturday, I tried to remove the cap to add it, realizing the leak may be worse now.

I couldn't get the stupid cap off. I grabbed a rag to help twist.. Would. Not. BUDGE!

I considered asking my new housemate, but she had a hard time managing my dog's well-worn-in prong collar. I knew she wouldn't have a chance at this cap.

So I stopped and considered for a moment. Was it wise to attempt to drive in this cold? The crack could get suddenly worse (as the shop had warned me), and extreme temps followed by a warm engine and more extreme temps....well, an engine in GOOD condition takes a beating in this weather. Mine is just plain primed and ready to blow up at any moment.

My decision made, I headed back inside, got the phone, and called my supervisor, who lives nearby and knows of the problem. She'd told me to let her know if I needed a ride. Thankfully, she hadn't left (I usually come in earlier than everyone else). So I got a ride in and tomorrow I'll work from home, brought an impending project with me that needs research.

I'm still working on getting to class, and I MAY still need to get a rental. Will see...God often answers in the last moment.

I also called my lienholder today, GMAC, to inquire whether I could apply for a loan for the current repairs, and add it onto my current loan. I have only $1300 left to pay on my car, but it's at a 6% interest rate, as opposed to the variable credit card rate.

GMAC was not helpful...told me to call the dealership, and then gave me the number for the warranty company. I explained my warranty had expired. She insisted on giving me the number to get a warranty. I explained calmly that the damage was already done, it was a manufacturer defect, and that it would not be covered if I purchased a warranty on top of the repairs.

Have I mentioned that I hate cars?

What's wrong with horses? They're interesting, they're pretty, they are good companions, they can be trained, and their poo fertilizes fields. They also come with built-in seat warmers, they're cute and fuzzy in the winter, and they generate methane which would really help us actually realize global warming and get rid of these dang record subzero temperatures most of us are experiencing!


Cathy_of_Alex said...

I just had an image of you riding a horse downtown like "Columbo"!

More prayers here.

Adoro said...

I have no idea what you're talking about..never saw the show.

I shoot like Annie Oakley and I ride like Julie Krone. :-)

Unknown said...

Columbo? He could ride? I don't think so.

How 'bout Sam McCloud!