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Monday, January 12, 2009

New Housemate

Well, my new housemate showed up tonight a lot later than expected for a few reasons. I had picked up dinner earlier knowing she'd be hungry and wanting to have something to offer.

She recently had a car accident, and as a result was still so rattled this morning that she didn't have time to pack up her stuff from the motel so paid for another night, and originally planned to come to my house, and then return to get her stuff. Well, by the time we'd had dinner, and she used the phone to return a couple calls, it was 9:00. She said she just isn't up to getting her stuff and returning so late, wanted to be sure I wouldn't consider it rude if she just spent tonight at the motel.

Far from it! My goodness, if I felt crappy I'd just say, "Look, my stuff is still there, the roads are awful, I'm going there and I'm going to stay there tonight. See ya tomorrow."

Maybe I'm the rude one.

So tonight is my last night of "freedom!" before I have to deal with a housemate. And I have a feeling that my computer is quickly going to be moving into my own bedroom so I can write and do papers in privacy and quiet with the door closed.

The good thing is that a great deal got done in the storage room today, and it's livable, even though plastic storage crates are stacked up along the walls. The bed is made up with fresh clean sheets and a little lavender linen spray, there is now plastic on the window to help keep the heat in, and we're on our way to organization.

We'll see how this works out. Tonight I was a "hostess" and it'll probably take a couple weeks before my friend feels "at home", and has her own sense of freedom here.

All in all, it could be a good thing for both of us, both financially and personally. And, given our different working hours, there's a good chance that we'll not be around each other enough to go crazy!

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