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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New And Interesting

Today on Twitter Patrick Madrid tweeted a podcast link for his posts. 

(Hmmm...random thought: how would that sound if we replaced the word "Twitter" and "Tweeted" with "Smurf" and "smurfed"?  Would he have to be "Patrick Smurf"?)

Anyway...there's a cool widget that you can add to your blog that creates an automatic "podcast", so people can listen to your different posts. 

I uploaded it to my own out of pure unmitigated curiosity, and at least for now, you can listen to my blog by clicking on the little icon below the title that says "Listen".   

It has flaws:  for example, I'm a woman, so please don't think I'm reading my blog as the speaker is actually male or male-sounding.  I also read with a bit more passion than that.  There's no such thing as "nuance", words in caps are spelled out instead of emphasized (DID becomes D.I.D. lol)  

So it's funny, but it won't take long to drive you crazy.  But for now, I'm leaving it up. 

Humor is a good thing.  

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