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Monday, December 22, 2008


Today I received a voicemail from Ave Maria, with a request to call back. She said she was going to call my cell also...but there was no message there, and other than the callback request, no indication of the reason for the call. That's freaking me out.

The absence of an actual message is what concerns me. It could be anything, so here are the options:

1. Registration was due on Friday. Mine was sent in, but it perhaps didn't arrive in time. That may mean I'll owe a late fee of $100, and/or that they are just checking to be certain it's been sent and that I DO intend to register for second semester.

2. It's possible that I received a final grade of "C" in my Christian Anthropology class. If that's the case, that means I'd have to repeat the class. (It would also have to mean I failed the final...that would be the only way to get a C in that class, I think.)

3. If the above is true, there's an outside chance I'll lose my scholarship. That's a HUGE deal, but I think, unlikely. But possible. Maybe. (And that would make me question proceeding...I can't afford the loans as it is...let's just not think about that.)

4. There's some other problem with my registration, a form missing, something simple to resolve but too complicated for a voicemail.

5. It's actually good news. Last year, I learned an anonymous donor gave THOUSANDS to Ave Maria, to give $1,000 each to the students who indicated a financial need (ie going on loans, etc.). I'm still amazed by that kind of generosity and hope that maybe one day I can imitate it, too.

So, please pray for me. In my experience, a voicemail left early in the day (10:30 am) asking for a callback with no further info given has been bad news. And given that Christmas is this week...and as this is a solidly Catholic institution, whose focus is PASTORAL THEOLOGY, it could be bad news that can't wait until later to be broken.

Or maybe I'm just being my worry-wart self. I hope that's it. In any case, prayers needed for that, too.

I'll call first thing tomorrow morning, guaranteed while seated and with shaking hands.


UPDATE ~ I called the University this morning, and it was an error in my application. I miscalculated the total, and so I need to cough up $884 to complete the semester's payment. So I called the loan company, they can't add onto a loan, I'll have to apply for that amount...and it's a pain in the arse, but doable. But you know what? I forgot my password AGAIN! So I have to go through 10 EXTRA steps just to get to the point to apply for the new loan!

Oh, well. It was a simple mistake, this isn't so bad.

As a side note: there is a reason I never pursued a degree in accounting...


uncle jim said...

i got your back-side covered ... prayers all morning long just for that phone call

Warren said...

And I thought I was a worry wart.

I do know the feeling, anyways!


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Sending up some good prayers for you!!!

Adrienne said...

It's good me!

Hidden One said...

Just continue to trust in God, Adoro, and you shall be fine.

Melody K said...

I'm glad it was nothing worse; though "Cough up a bunch more money" isn't what anyone wishes to hear two days before Christmas. Praying for your needs!

Father Cory Sticha said...

I'm with Melody. It wasn't too serious, kind of a pain, but not too bad.

Adoro said...

Thanks, everyone.

No, it wasn't so bad. It's part of the total amount I would have requested on the loan, anyway. But it's a second ding against my credit report this month alone, not a good sign. But I'll live with it. My credit just got approved and so it looks like I'm on my way! :-D

Still waiting for my grades, though...

owenswain said...

As usual, coming to the story late. We know about debt load - prayers for you.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Owen: Me too! Sorry, Adoro, just getting caught up. I'm glad Uncle Jim covered for us in prayer!

Bummer about the extra bread but, at least, it doesn't mean you failed anything. Well, you never fail-you know what I mean.