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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Semester Update

So far, so good...I think.

Last night we took our test for Old Testament II, and happily got our analytical papers back from our November class. Let me tell you, when I turned that thing in, I was CERTAIN it wasn't worth the paper on which it was typed, even given the mercy of this professor.

And I am quite certain that I'll never be a Biblical scholar. Too tedious! Important work, certainly, but not all of us are called to it! was the best grade I've gotten all semester!

We got our test grades back as well, and....I got an A! WOO HOO! I'll take it!

But Christian Anthropology is still in question. None of us had received our papers from last month, so when we went into the test this afternoon, we really didn't know where we were sitting.

I spent some time on our long break, studying, praying, and what came to me was this: Ultimately the grade means nothing. How has this course drawn me closer to Christ? Helped me to know Him? Helped me to know who we are in light of who He is?

There's the answer. I knew that I might bomb the test, and I knew that if my grade is a C or below for the class, I'll have to repeat it. My midterm was a B+, and when I got home, found my paper in the mail. B+. Even if I got a C on the test, my grade for the class will be higher. Whew!

Spiritual Theology is done and over, as far as the test goes. I don't know how I did, and won't know for a couple weeks, but I know it won't be a problem.

So....guess I'll be keeping my scholarship, I got word that the loan for second semester is approved, and I'll be turning in my registration this week.

Next on tap: Ecclesiology, Canon Law, and New Testament II!

(Maybe Canon Law will be up my alley....with a degree in Criminal Justice, well...I'm already legally-minded, and from what I've read in Canon Law, it makes a LOT more sense than the MN State Statutes! Are you aware that even though abortion is legal here, one can be prosecuted for Murder and Manslaughter of an Unborn Child? Not that I'm complaining, but let's face it; either that is a human being or it's not. The disposition of the mother doesn't change the truth of the being that she has conceived in her womb.)

Hmm....I should post my book list to see if any kind readers have anything we need.

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The Ironic Catholic said...

Yay! Glad the exams are over and it seems to have gone well....

My students are still in the thick of it all....