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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally Finals

This weekend while the rest of the Catholic world celebrates Gaudete Sunday, so will my classmates and I...although perhaps with more a sense of relief than Gaudete Joy.

It's been a difficult semester for most of us, and we lost two classmates who found they had to make choices between their lives/families and school. The former won out, although we truly miss their presence in class.

This weekend is finals, and we've all been desperately studying and trying to wrap our minds around things that shouldn't be difficult,yet somehow...they are.

Tonight I gave up on my Spirituality exam and emailed it in, realizing that I simply am not going to do any more on it. It should be acceptable, if not perfect. Adoro is all out of perfection this semester.

Tonight I'm focusing on Old Testament, trying to remember what prophet did what and where and to whom. As a side note...are you aware that Hosea was the ONLY prophet to address the Northern Kingdom?

Well....THAT worked well.

Anyway, there's pages and pages of prophets and kings and rulers...oh my!

Saturday brings a final exam as well, and I'm even MORE terrifed for that one. It's mostly on the Summa, which I read but can't actually fathom, (even as I parody it in my humble blog). And four essay questions I can't even seem to "memorize" or "structure" for what MIGHT be asked on the test.

But it will be nice to be done with this semester, get some plastic up on my windows, start decorating for Christmas, clean the carpets, find the rest of my winter clothing, start and finish Christmas shopping....

WHY am I so exhausted?

UH-OH UPATE: Correction on prophets to the Northern Kingdom: There were only 2 prophets from the North. Hosea was the only one of those two to prophesy to the North. Jonah was the other, and of course, you remember what happened to Jonah when he tried to avoid going to Nineveh....


Hidden One said...

I didn't read anything about "going to Church aside from for Sunday Mass" in your post, you must have forgot to mention that.

Paul said...

What about Elijah, Elisha, Jehu . . . ?

Mark said...

I hope all goes well with your finals. I'll ask St Thomas Aquinas to pray for you!

Anonymous said...

Hidden One ~ Well, see, that's already an assumption! It's a basic presupposition to reading my blog. :-)

Cygnus ~ Not as far as I know. It's one thing to MENTION the Kingdom of Israel, but the prophets were sent to prophesy to the Kingdom of Judah. I don't think we studied Elijah or Elisha this semester, although we did read Ezekiel. Or do I have that backwards.

See? My brain is FRIED!

Mark ~ Thanks...I really need St. Thomas! All the St. Thomas's that ever existed!

swissmiss said...

Prayers for your finals!

Stopped by to tell you I tagged you for a rosary meme. Hopefully you will have a chance to get to it once you're done with all the school stuff.

Best wishes on finals...praying!