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Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy to be alive!

Just thought I'd post an update.

It's below 0, it's going to continue this way, and as such, all the roads REMAIN ice rinks. Salt and sand don't do anything to penetrate that stuff.

The drive in to work this morning was treacherous at best. Even just driving at a creep, when I would barely touch the gas to move ahead a little, my car would go sideways as the tires spun.

What was really fun was the crazy guy behind me laying on his horn as I was driving slowly around a very icy curve on the freeway while watching a large truck nearly crash into a group of slowing cars. He was gesturing so wildly at me to move forward (I could observe this in my rearview mirror) apparently at his preferred speed, that I seriously thought he might crash through his own windshield in order to strangle me. So I actually joyfully waved at him. (With ALL one-fingered greetings from me!). Then he gestured wildly for me to move over to the next lane. How I was supposed to do so, I didn't know; there were cars there. So I opted to remain as I was, driving carefully around an icy curve, in control of my vehicle.

Having worked 5 years in insurance has made me understand the bad things that happen on such roads. I do NOT want to be one of those fatalities.

If I'm going to die a violent death, I'd prefer that it be martyrdome, not road rage or get-home-itis.

So it was that I was thoroughly happy to arrive at work this morning. Oh, and please join me in praying Hail Mary's for the crazy angry guy who was behind me in traffic this morning. You should have SEEN the way that guy took off once he got past me. I'm surprised I didn't come across him in the ditch.

Oh, and I discovered that shortly after I passed through that area, a Wal-Mart truck and another vehicle were involved in a very serious crash. I'm not a bit surprised and would like to thank my Guardian Angel for making sure I was not a part of that.

Be careful out there, everyone...this ice isn't going away any time soon!


Banshee said...

Scary scary! Keep being careful out there.

Anonymous said...

You probably saved that man from being in that accident! Little does he realize how thankful he should be to you for saving his life.

Adoro said...

Maureen ~ Very careful!

Anon ~ the accident happened beyond that spot, actually, according to my understanding. It happened shortly after we both passed along that highway. But who knows, maybe my granny-driving did prevent him from spinning out on the curve we both inhabited at that time!

And I only drove like a granny because I knew how awful it really was...and based on insurance experience. (Maybe my past job saved our lives?)

Anonymous said...

It's not just scary for drivers. As someone who rides transit and does a fair bit of walking the icy conditions are making me very nervous. I usually wait before crossing an intersection because I don't know if somebody in their car is going to slide into the intersection. And that's not even worrying about whether I'm going to slip while I'm walking. A few weeks ago I wiped out in a parking lot and landed very hard on my tailbone; I'm finally feeling back to normal now.

And if you're feeling down about your cold weather, cheer up. Here in Manitoba where I live, we've already had several days of -40 windchills, with a few more days yet to come.

Adoro said...

Nancy ~ It's terrifying, isn't it?

Oh, and that's one of the reasons I'm happy not to live in Canada. Beautiful country (have seen photos), great people....TOO COLD! lol