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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't know what happened. One minute I was just checking out blogs and meditating on the fact I need to finish sending Christmas cards...and the next minute I was overcome by curiosity.

That's how I got on Facebook, too.

Only with Facebook, I have a real-type name. On Twitter, I'm AdoroteDevote. (I forgot to capitalize the "T"). Dang it.

But now that I'm there, I am not really seeing the point. But I got the widget and I did a background and uploaded a pic.

You see, it starts with blogging. And then maybe other blogs, or Wordpress, or something else. Then MySpace (ugh!) or Facebook. And the next thing you know, you're on Twitter and wondering why you're twittering and inventing new grammatical categories for a word that used to just be slang. And still is, actually.

That's what happens. Be careful!


Anonymous said...

I left twitter for Plurk. Plurk is the same ... only you follow conversations, which helps my ADD considerably. Besides, Twitter was down every other day and had other technical issues. Plurk's only been down a few times. but I took advent off from plurk, too. Come over and say Merry Christmas when I return from my sabatical!

Jeff Miller said...

I prefer Plurk over Twitter since Plurk has threaded conversations, though the interface takes some time getting use to.

But I use both by using or to update facebook/twitter/plurk all at the same time.

Twitter though is much more known and will probably be what prevails as the dominant platform for micro-blogging. Plus there are plenty of people on follow on Twitter that aren't on Plurk.

The other thing nice about twitter is the tools to use. I can tweet from an application or from my iPod Touch. I currently use TweetDeck which is free and multi-platform as my desktop Twitter app.

Welcome to Twitter.

uncle jim said...

on twitter


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Oh, great, more pressure...

Sarah Reinhard said...

For me, Twitter is a chance to capture the snapshots of my life, esp. with the kids. It's also been a great practice for me in brevity. (lol!) I'm enjoying your tweets, though I understand. I'm not such a fan of FB, though I use and update my status there - I don't so much follow others, except on Twitter.

The pressure, my friend, is internal. So let it go and stop tweeting and FBing, if that's what you need. Don't give in to the temptation to "do it all" unless you are so inspired. What's right for one (i.e. me) is not always right for another. :)

Big hugs, and baby/toddler drool! :)