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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shhh....Don't Tell Father I Told You This....But...

...I have it on good authority that today is his BIRTHDAY!

So go on over and wish Father Schnippel a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and make sure you tell him that you'll pray for him and for Vocations. I can't imagine he'd like anything better. Except maybe a coffee cup that says "Breakfast" or "Lunch" on it, so that he'll know what time of day it is. But other than that, prayers are the best possible gift!

Oh, and make sure you spend time looking around his blog. He's got a lot of great things to say, and as you know, good priests always need a lot of support.

UPDATE! Father has a great story about the day of his birth and that of his brother's. (They are identical twins). Go read!

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