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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's Back

My carpal tunnel is coming back again. Over the last few days, I've noticed my right hand getting numb while driving. Last night I woke up with creeping numbness, and I could tell my thumb was "going" first. This morning while driving in, I had to drop my right hand a few times and shake it out to get the feeling back.

I don't know what's worse..the random shooting pains, or the creeping numbness.

Guess it's time to dig the brace out again.


The Digital Hairshirt said...

Ugh, Adoro, I get that too. However, rather than shaking my hand, I hold it out so the wrist is level, to relieve the blockage in the veins.

I am convincing myself it has naught to do with old age . . .

Adoro said...

Digital ~ I do that, too, although it's not actually a blockage in the veins; it's inflammation of the nerve. The first time I got it...oy...I should write about that.

Incidentally, I discovered how to get quickly through triage at Urgent

Hidden One said...

You have my prayers.

Adrienne said...

Having Carpal Tunnel surgery was the single best thing I ever did! Both wrists, both thumbs (trigger finger) and another wrist for trigger wrist.

I can soooooo symphatize with you. Nerve pain is the worst ever. Wear your brace, ice it, and take drugs ;-) You can also try a steroid shot - it can help. Your regular doctor should be able to do that for a fairly reasonable amount of money. ($60.00 - $90.00)

Adoro said...'s not bad enough for all that. For me, it's an irritation I've learned to live with, and helps me meditate on the Crucifixion. All I have to do is remember the pain at its worst...and realize it NEVER got so bad as THAT.

I've found that a couple nights, maybe days, of wearing the brace and it goes back to being pretty much nothing again.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

I used to get flare ups back when my daily job involved repetitive keying. I had to wear the brace too. I know how painful it can be. Prayers here.

Adoro said...

OK...seriously...don't waste your prayers on this. My condition is MINIMAL. The first time it happened, it was over 6 months before I could begin to take the braces off. Now all I get is flare-ups and they aren't bad. I get occasional twinges, and they remind me of the Crucifixion.

I no longer see Carpal Tunnel as a prayer-worthy thing. It is nothing but a papercut.

You wouldn't waste time on a broken fingernail or a papercut for someone...consider my condition similar to that. And no, I'm not glossing over anything.

This post will probably come down because I think I've given the wrong impression.