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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have a few announcements to make, so listen up!

There have been some changes in the world of Catholic blogging, and you all need to know about them.

First, my new hero, "Fr. Hulk", has found blogging to be apparently cathartic, and so he will no longer be turning green and ripping all of his clerics to smithereens. Now he is to be referred to as "Fr. Cranky", and can be found at his new blog. Please update your links. (Hmm....I just realized I'll have to update my links, where I linked to him, too. Now I'M cranky!)

I'll offer it up.

Anyway, it appears all the old blog posts have been migrated to the new blog, as the old one will be disappearing.

Secondly, my old blog friend Owen aka Onionboy of Luminous Miseries has begun blogging again, has a health update (the surgery went well!), and can thus be found again. He ALSO moved and is blogging at wordpress now. I, for one, missed him a lot and am glad he's back.

Thirdly, my other old blog friend Warren has ALSO begun blogging again after a years' hiatus, and I'm also thrilled to see him again! His new blog doesn't have any posts yet, but you must trust me when I tell you that his blog is worth reading....when he starts writing in it again, I mean. :-)

LM (yes, I have female friends, too, and this one I met in person in July!) has a blog specificially for those souls most in need of prayer...the Purgatory Pages. Please send her the names of your dearly beloved so she can add them to the list of those in need of prayer.

Owen also has an apostolate, A Month for the Souls in Purgatory, which I meant to post sooner but time has gotten away and I've been hugely remiss. Check out the site, and as with LM's site, add your loved ones to the list!

That concludes our announcements for tonight. Go check out those links!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Adoro! Just in time for Christmas - one of the Holy Days (if not The Holy Day) that God releases the most souls into Heaven!