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Friday, December 19, 2008


So, here I am, sitting at my computer, sipping coffee, and wishing I were still asleep.

I woke up out of a really weird dream: I was heading out to someone's house in Shakopee, having just spilled vegetable dip in a teacher's classroom in the school while she was telling me about a problem child. (Why she was telling me, I had no idea...he wasn't my kid!). So, there I was, driving out to Shakopee, on the freeway, but for some reason I had to leave the freeway. Apparently my car, too. I was climbing up a very grassy embankment, as it was getting darker and darker.

When I got to the top of this very sleep slope, I looked to the East, and there was nothing but dark clouds. It looked like a massive storm was coming, but there was no thunder or lightening. There DID appear to be a tornado, however, the tail of which was descending from the clouds. I was standing on a gravel road, and started running to the West to get away from the storm, although I knew I'd be caught in it anyway. And I wondered why Minnesota was having tornadoes in December, and why the grass was so nice and lush.

Hmmm...on second thought, maybe I'm glad I'm not still sleeping. Tonight...I may begin my Christmas shopping, although I won't be able to get it all done. There is a mall I can pass if I take a certain route home, and there are a couple stores there that I know have gifts for my family. * hee hee * These are stores I go into only for a purpose. As a general rule, I HATE shopping (yes, you heard me correctly), but Bed, Bath, and Beyond is an amazing place that makes it not feel like shopping, such that one can leave with far more than that for which they came. And: Bath and Bodyworks. That stuff is so pricey that you'd think it consisted of gold flakes, but it smells wonderful. I shop for my brother's girlfriend there. I find something I like, and know that she'll like it, too. Over the years, we've often found that we nearly got each other the exact same things! (There have been enough differences so that it's not weird, though!)

I still can't figure out what to get Mom, though. * sigh * Or my brother, this year. I need to call him to see if he needs anything. Besides, hafta find out what he wants me to bring for the Christmas meal, too.

And you know...I STILL don't have plastic on my windows. Had it not been so snowy and dangerous this week I would have gone to the store to get plastic. That's also priority for this weekend!

I never said this would be an interesting post, but somehow I suspect that, outside the dream, I've probably given an example of everyone else's weekends and gift-type-thoughts, too.


MJ said...

Yeah, my drive to school this morning took 2 hours rather than the normal 1 hour! I love winter but some days......!

Kurt H said...

Interesting that, in your dream, you knew east from west. It immediately brought to my mind the 1928 hymn, "People, Look East."