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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indoor Plumbing!

The temperature is 12 below (F.) this morning, meaning our windchills around aroud 35 below.

My German Shepherd is getting used to this cold, and only had to stop and lift her paws a couple times for me to clean snow out of them. But she quickly did what she was supposed to do, and as we walked back home, I mused that we should all be happy we get to do our "business" indoors.

Then it hit me; it wasn't always so. I had a friend in high school who lived in a big ol' farmhouse, and they STILL used an outhouse. Even when it was 15 below. Or colder.

Seriously, you people up north here....have you ever stopped to realize that this very simple everyday thing that we do multiple times per day, our predecessors had to go outside to do? In the worst of weather? (Yes, I realize there were things called "chamber pots", but they needed to be emptied, didn't they?)

* shiver *

Thank God for indoor plumbing!

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Melody K said...

One of us once asked our Dad what he thought were the best advances of the 20th century. He quickly said, "Indoor plumbing and air conditioning!"