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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stupid Comment of the Night

Tonight was crazy-busy at work, but it was fun, because it was "Christmas Party" night, where we had some fun activities for the children, including taking pictures of them as a living Nativity scene.

I was running around in a Santa hat, just trying to be festive and fun, which prompted one of the children to ask, "Why doesn't Santa have to get your picture taken?"

I explained (while carefully stepping far outside the range of the camera) that "Santa" wasn't present at the Nativity but appeared years later. He seemed satisfied with that explanation, and the class disbursed to move on to their next activity.

After they left, I commented to the DRE, "I don't really look like Santa. He didn't have long hair like I do, but maybe his beard was as long as mine."


Oops. I KNOW I'm going to suffer for that one!


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

LOL, silly Adoro :)...all in good fun, i'll let you off the hook this time :)

Father Schnippel said...

when did you grow the beard?

didn't have it the last time you were in Ohio.....

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Nice dodge, Scrooge!

You should've worn your full outfit not just the hat! ;-)

You are so cute in the Santa Hat though so I can totally understand why he wanted a photo with you!

Anonymous said...

Joe ~ thanks..

Father ~ I didn't have it the first time I was in Ohio, either. OR last night! lol

Cathy ~ The only "full outfit" we have is an acutal St. Nick costume...complete with a Bishop's mitre! are you suggesting? That little boy was a 1st grader! They don't look at adult women in terms of "cute!". And they look at little girls thinking only "ew! cooties!"