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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Common Sense CAN Lead to Survival!

Your result for Survival Test...

Weekend Warrior

23% Death and 70% Survival!

Way to go, you are awesome! Although it has been a rough go, you probably have made it out in one are alive!

If you are a man you are sure to catch the eye of some fair maiden and sweep her off her feet with those skills...good going.

If you are a women look out, some man will snag you up for your willingness to get out there and rough it... Ooo Baby!

You sure do have some great knowledge, but you might want to brush up on a few things to be a "survivalist". Grab a buddy or two, take all you need to survive and then practice in a safe environment. You guys are amazing!

There are many resources on the web for wilderness survival, please check them out. However, my personal favorite is Hoods Woods.... but decide for yourself.

I would appreciate it if you could vote on my test. Thank you

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Can I just point out that I'm not a major camper? It's a nice idea, and I love the wilderness, but I work my butt off to own a house and keep it over my head in this economy. Why in the world would I want to go out into the middle of nowhere and pretend I don't HAVE a house?

That said, I do think it's important for all of us to have basic common sense. What if for some odd reason we end up in the middle of the wilderness, maybe because we were headed to Denver and drove off a cliff? The story, "To Build a Fire" has haunted me since 6th Grade. Naked and frozen is NOT the way I want to go. And I've noticed that so much of survival has to do with common sense and basic intelligence. Oh, and overcoming squeamishness. For example, one can eat grubs. (Can't say I could overcome my own reaction, but I could talk others into doing so!). And if one is lost, it's better to follow the stream than to cross it. I've been in that situation before and do you know what we found? Other lost people on the OTHER SIDE!

Nice quiz, and nice to know one doesn't have to be a complete outdoor fanatic to know one could survive with common sense and, of course, the proper mentality; that is, one not involving panic.

Good luck!


Melody K said...

I was 8% on death, 85% on survival. Obviously I need to check out Hoods Woods. And I'm like you, why be out there exposed to the elements when I don't have to? I'm a Comfort Inn kind of gal.

Anonymous said...

I got 27 on Death, and 64 on Survival. and I had taken a wilderness survival/pistol marksmanship course in college--but that was a million years ago, so no wonder I forgot it all! Fun test! :)

Adoro said...

Well, all I can say is that if I'm lost, I will listen to you both!

Anonymous said...

TOOOO much fun! Mine was
31% Death and 62% Survival!

I am prior military but my job was
Naval Aviation desk job so it is not
likely I learned any survival skills
other than keep classified material
secured and and extra pair of hose. :)