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Friday, January 29, 2010

REALLY Random Thought: DRUPAL!

This one has a slight content warning, so be advised!

I keep seeing the term "Drupal" in various places, most recently with regard to someone wanting to better run a website for his family.

And I'm sorry, but EVERY dang time I see that word it takes me back to my years of work in the psychiatric field and familiarity with the names of different medications, so I can't help but think it sounds like one of the following.

"Drupal" sounds like either:  

1.  A tricyclic drug used to treat various forms of depression


2.  A drug  used to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

And so you understand my consternation, especially with regard to the LATTER, as to WHY someone would want to use DRUPAL with regard to a website, ESPECIALLY one dealing with family. All I can think is, "Dang, what EXACTLY are you hawking?"  And then on the heels of that, "I really don't want to know...."

OK, back to regular programming. I hope you're not as scandalized by my thoughts as I am!
(Maybe they should change the name of their just isn't a good name. Sorry.)