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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Such Thing as "Pro-Abortion Catholic"

There is no such thing as a "Pro-abortion Catholic".   Catholics are pro-life and this IS an infallible teaching that belongs to the Deposit of Faith.

The "Pro-Abortion aka Pro-Choice 'Catholics'" seen in politics and in political organizations are people who have chosen to separate themselves from the Church in deep passionate love of their own will, ambition, and preferences, and as such, are no longer members of the Mystical Body of Christ through a very grave sin.    Therefore, they are not "Catholic".  They are people who are, for personal gain, misappropriating the Title and claiming a Privilege of being Catholic that does not belong to them by their own CHOICE.

Seriously, I find it hard to believe ANYONE claiming to be a PRACTICING Catholic (every Sunday, Holy Day of Obligation, Confession once per year, Holy Communion in state of grace during Easter Season as a bare minimum according to our precepts) would believe abortion is morally justifiable.

I don't care who you are!  If you willfully and publicly dissent against and advance teachings that contradict the Faith and Morals of the Catholic Church, you have separated yourself from us all,  and therefore you may be "Catholic" in name and by baptism (for by virtue of this, there is always hope...I'm a sinner, too, and screw up a LOT), but you LOSE the right to proclaim in conjunction with a public life and advancement in the eyes of others, a Faith you obstinately REFUSE,  ESPECIALLY if  you're using it for your political advancement to purposefully fleece those who are even more uncatechized than you!

I don't care if you're a politician, a DRE, a homosexual activist, or a housewife in rural Alabama with a blog and a little time and a column in your diocesan newspaper:  if you dissent on grave matters and KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY advance your dissent through your own formal aren't Catholic in anything other than name, and that is only by God's which you are publicly and personally refusing to partake.

That's your Choice, my friends. 

Yes, you do have a Choice...agree with God or disagree with God.

To Conceive a Child...or control your passions and keep your pants on so that you won't conceive a child.  Abortion is NOT the answer to animal passions. It's the epitome of a barbaric, tyrannical society.

To support abortion and claim Catholicism is demonically scandalous and you will NOT find support for it in the official teachings of the Church. The fact that Tertullian or Origin or St. Augustine or St Thomas Aquinas said some things in their theological musings a long time ago doesn't contradict the fact that the constant and persistent Magisterial teaching of the Church from the beginning of Christianity (ie the Church which was born out of the side of Christ) has been that abortion is morally incompatible with Christ.  Period.  You don't get to disagree with that without entering into grave sin.  Consider yourself informed now of that fact if you were previously claiming ignorance.

As a reminder, three things constitute grave (mortal) sin, which destroys the virtue of charity and renders one severed from God:

1.  The object of the sin is a grave matter (abortion is murder, even atheists agree on this because the fetus is a CHILD, a human being.)

2.  The matter is committed with full knowledge.   (The reference above...if someone is a sincerely practicing and DEVOUT Catholic, it means they have FULL KNOWLEDGE that a sin is grave and separates one from a relationship with God.)  Note that the teaching doesn't leave room for wishy-washy "opinion".  It is OBJECTIVE and BINDING.

3.  The matter is done with deliberate consent.  Active support of abortion in politics, in procuring, etc, is a willfull choice..unless forced by others contrary to one's own will. Thus it means that a woman who is forced into abortion has not committed sin. Those who forced her are DAMNED if they don't repent. Period.

No, I'm not mincing words. God is the judge, not me, and I'm not stating this to or about anyone in particular.

(More info on the morality of abortion and other common issues from the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) can be found here.) 

It happens:  mothers and  fathers of pregnant daughters, families and inconvenienced boyfriends force girls/women into abortion.  Because it is legal and available and "safe".  Those women then suffer for this act against their own conscience, for the baby they wanted...but no one else did.  The women in question didn't sin....those that forced them...DID.  And as scripture tells us...Vengeance is the Lord's.  And He cares deeply for those who suffer so much.

Yes, abortion DOES harm women and it harms the children they conceived and allowed to be flushed down the toilet through use of the Pill (because that's what it does), through vacuum-suction and chemical uterine murders, etc. And it harms the fathers who helped, with the mother and God, to bring them into existence so that they could be torn to pieces in the womb in the Sacred Name of "Choice".

I'll close, then, with my starting point for we have come full circle:   There is no such thing as a "Pro-Abortion", or in politically correct warm fuzzy terms, "Pro-Choice Catholic". There is only such a thing as a prideful politician or activist who has usurped a Privileged Title for the advancement of themselves and in detriment to all of Christianity and to the Mystical Body of Christ, from which they have divorced themselves through their faithless ideological and outright demonic position.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Choose your place. Choose your politicians...just know that if they claim to be Catholic, there's more to check than the title they take for themselves in order to win your vote.

Further info:  Father Malloy, SDB at A Shepherd's Voice ALSO says you can't be Catholic and "Pro-Choice". As does, famously, Father Corapi. (I couldn't find a link to a You Tube or article that gave the full quote, but it's one he's famous for!)   



Anonymous said...

Excellent! God bless you!

Fr. Joseph

RJSciurus said...

Excellent post.

Paul said...

I'm waiting for the firefight - but so far no arsonists have arrived.

Anonymous said...

I'm no supporter of pro-aborts, no matter what faith they might claim to profess, but being on the wrong side of the abortion issue does not automatically strip a baptized Catholic person of their identity, or eject them from the Church. Their erroneous position on abortion objectively makes them mortally sinful, apostate heretics, subject to God's judgment and wrath, unless and until they choose to authentically repent. And that's exactly as it should be.

Adoro said...

Anon ~ I'm letting your comment stand even though you didn't post a name for yourself. Don't make that mistake again please.

You contradict yourself. Mortal sin DOES sever you from the Church because the Church and God are a unity. When a person commits mortal sin they lose the grace of their baptism, which can, as you correctly point out, choose to repent and return.

Also note in this post that I am speaking of people who are formally teaching their dissent while claiming to be Catholic, thus giving people the idea it is a Catholic position.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...


Abbey's Road said...

I wish they would stop referring to themselves as "Catholic". It makes my skin crawl and my blood boil.

Mike said...

Funny how we don't see pro-life NARAL members in public office - or perhaps people would think that was hypocrisy...

Amen Adoro.

Rob said...

Very well said!

Sojourner said...

Amen! More people need to shine this light on those in darkness. We are the voice for those who don't have one. Great post.

Terry Nelson said...

Adoro - excellent post - really excellent.

FYI - the Asian comment above links to a porn site - whoever it is get's through on my blog too.

Anonymous said...


The post with the Chinese characters ("May the blessing be always with you" is followed by a series of periods that are links to sites I'm sure you'd rather not link to.


Adoro said...

Tadghe ~ Thanks, has been deleted. :-)

Terry Nelson said...

You are welcome Julie.

Adoro said...

Terry ~ Sorry, meant to thank you, too. For some reason your comment didn't show up when I came to delete/respond, didn't see it until later.

Glad you guys catch those things for me! :-)

Mary N. said...

Bravo, Adoro! I once found myself pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy and God brought me safely through it. I had one ticked off doctor, though! I wouldn't let him operate. And he was a Catholic doctor! I tried to explain to him why I had to wait but he just thought I was extremely foolish. I offered up all my pain and suffering and the following year I conceived my daughter! God is truly good :) I trusted Him and He came through for me. I didn't even lose my fallopian tube, either! My doctor said I just got lucky...but I know the truth.

Terry Nelson said...

Awe! Now I know you still love me.

Patricia said...

Thank you for your Pro-life passion! Awesome post! Love your blog.