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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Deep Thoughts With Adoro

I have been pondering friendship the last couple days, very grateful for my many friends, all those present locally,  those I met through the internet (blogging, etc.), and those I have yet to meet in person.

What's so wonderful is how many of them want to be Saints, are striving every day for holiness, and many times without even realizing it they are dragging me kicking and screaming with them.  (Other times I just let myself be dragged!).

This pondering made me realize, though, that none are without fault. Although admittedly some of my friends have faults that are less apparent, none would ever yet claim to be saints...and if they did we'd laugh at them!  :-)

So as I pondered, I realized that true friendship consists in people who put up with each other's faults and imperfections as gently as necessary, and as firmly as needed...and they are always there when you need them.

Thank you, to all my friends, for helping me to try to be as holy as I ought, for not slamming me when I'm down in my weakness, and for helping me to be a better friend to you.

God bless you.


Owen said...

My thanks, in return. God bless you Adoro.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Hi sweetie.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

my innumerable thanks in return Adoro :)

MJ said...

Totally agree. Right back at you.

Mary said...

After reading your blog and being on line with you. I know that in my books you would be a Saint to me. Even though I don't know you as a person. I know that you are trying to be the best person that you can be. That is the only thing that God askes of us. But in some way I think you are the one that is changeing me as a person. So thank you for all that you write.

X said...

..."true friendship consists in people who put up with each other's faults and imperfections as gently as necessary, and as firmly as needed...and they are always there when you need them."

That is truly lovely and so very true! word verification is "amiable" !!!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

What a neat definition of friendship!

Mary N. said...

This may sound funny but I think imperfections are cute. Weird, huh? But people make me smile. It's the ones that think they are holy that scare me! I mean, c'mon! If a person were holy they probably wouldn't be here! Though maybe the Lord leaves a couple for good examples. I never met one though :) Then again...I've always had a soft spot for the ex-wicked saints like St. Augustine, Mary Magdalene,etc...

Adoro said...

Awww, y'all rock!

Mary333 ~ I actually did a post on that awhile back. The things we find annoying in others are the things that are also the most endearing and the things we will remember the most if we lose them.

I even wrote of it in my ponderings in my Cistercian retreat. God expects our mistakes especially when we are trying to please Him! We make a mistake in prayer, or when trying to do something and instead put chocolate where we mean to put jelly.

It is one sweet thing in the place of another...and God rejoices in this as part of our humanity! lol

It was one of the high points of my year, realizing this. So glad that you have made it a part of your life...I'm still trying to!

Abbey's Road said...

Your definition of a real friendship is so REAL. I thank you for being MY friend in this blogging world. I don't think you know how very meaningful your relationship to those of us reading your blog is.



Warren said...

One thing I love about my Catholic Blog Friends, is how diverse a set of lives we have. And that desire for holiness manifests itself in the way that makes the most beneficial impact on each environment we live in. So, there isn't a depressing sameness, but a living and creative variety in the growth of persons who grow towards God. In other words, we become more uniquely "ourselves" even as we become more like Christ. Isn't this why we need feast days of saints to remind us? St. Francis was not exactly like St. Dominic, and both were needed, even at a similar time in history, God needed not one but two mendicant orders in the 12th century, as now. So, shine on you crazy, beautiful, catholic blog people.