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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introducing...Are You Ready....?

...a new blog on the block, Lay Mystagogues

These guys, Jack and Andy,  are dear friends of mine (although I always get their names mixed up for some reason). They've got a lot to say about the Church today, about the Liturgy, the importance of the Liturgy, and seriously, if you're a serious Catholic with any opinion at all, you might find some discussion here.  

If you like Fr. Z., you should be following Jack and Andy, Lay Mystagogues.  In fact, Jack and Andy are a lot like Fr. Z. in a different canonical and juridical state.  Except they haven't yet started the art of fisking articles, they're not ordained, they don't reside in Rome, no one knows who they are, and they don't have degrees in theology. But still...the resemblance is uncanny.  

And, guys, Andy and Jack...a word of advice from an experienced blogger...don't let your commenters get out of hand.  YOU set the standard for snark, and if they get snarkier than you, shut it down.  If they get holier than you...count yourself blessed.  (The latter is what you're going for!)  

Welcome to the Blogosphere, St. Blog's Parish, and every other pop-word out there for the latest craze!  

Everyone go visit these yahoos and show them your heartfelt support!  



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