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Thursday, May 21, 2009

ABC's of Me Meme!

I have been following Happy Catholic for several years now (wow, can't believe I've been blogging long enough to use that word), but I haven't stolen anything from her for awhile.  So, it is my honor and privilege to renew this tradition today, and I'm pleased you're all here to witness the event! 

In a spirit of honesty, though, I should mention that no one "tagged" me. I just decided my blog needs something very obviously fun as my dry humor often gets missed. it is...the ABC's according to Adoro:

A - Attitude: Yeah, I got attitude. So what? Got a problem with that?

B - Born in: Rockford, IL

C - Cat's name: No cats here. My dog would eat them.

D - Dog's name: Fuzzy Butt. No, not really but it's an unusual name and I don't want to be identified through usage of that name! ;-)   She's a German Shepherd and as several people have observed, she has a fuzzy butt!

E - Excited by: Whatever random shiny interesting thing happens to have my attention at any given moment.  Oh, and obviously my Faith and Prayer

F - Field: Roses, violets, and sunflowers. That would be pretty. Or maybe some nice corn.

G - Grateful for: being Catholic, the great gift of Faith

H - Hates: bad theology 

I - Into: Catholicism, prayer,  horses, writing, dogs, reading, rollerblading. All at once, even!

J - Job title: I work in a church and I do lots of stuff.

K - Kinfolk:  large extended family

L - Loves: Jesus!

M - Music: Gregorian chant, Nickel Creek, Evanescence, bluegrass, contemporary Christian, classical, etc etc etc

N - Nickname: Jules (yeah, I stole this but people call me that, too.) Also...Adoro. Oh, and also Crash, Trouble, Giggles, and my favorite from when I worked in adolescent psych, "Bushy-tailed ho!".  Thought that was creative. And weird. I won't tell you what else they regularly called me. 

O - Outstanding achievements: I was named Rookie of the Year my first year as a Ski Patroller (thus the title "Rookie).

P - Pastimes: blogging, writing, reading, walking my dog, watching movies, being a hermit while I can.

Q - Quirks: How much time do you have?

R - Relaxes by: writing, walking/blading, listening to music, praying

S - State of residence: Minnesota

T - Telephone type:  I don't use a telephone to type. I use a keyboard for that. 

U - Usual breakfast:   Coffee and more coffee

V - Vices: the opposite of virtues. I have all of them. Vices I mean. Not virtues.  That's why I go to Confession almost every week. 

W - Wearing: clothing

X - X-ray you last had: left hand after a ski accident that happened before my race started. I had to tape my hand to the ski pole in order to be able to hold on to it.

Y - Yummy dish you make: French Dips!  Secret recipe!

Z - Zoo favorite: Wolves

I tag...well, I don't think I have tagging authority. But if you like it, tag yourself!  Theft is a virtue! know what I mean!


Julia said...

"V - Vices: the opposite of virtues. I have all of them. Vices I mean. Not virtues. That's why I go to Confession almost every week."

Amen to that! Imagine me nodding.

Therese said...

oh this looks like fun. I will do it this weekend sometime.

Anonymous said...

Z - Zoo favorite: WolvesAnd here I thought your 'zoo favs' would be at St. Sebastian Rectory. That was the last place I saw the Akron Zoo sign.
*grin* LM

Adoro said...

LM!!!! You're totally right. I should edit! That was QUITE the zoo!

Anonymous said...


The French dip does sound yummy!

I am hungry now.