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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today I was given a rose. I won't be seeing my mother today, or any time soon, so I didn't buy any of the flowers available, but I dearly love roses and couldn't stop looking at them.

Many roses and corsages were not sold today, and the volunteers explained they take what is left to a nearby nursing home, but before they left, they offered me a flower, and in fact, picked out a perfectly-formed red rose.

In some ways, I felt bad about it, and that I might be depriving someone of the flower, but something told me to accept the gift, so I did so gratefully.

Shortly after that, after the flowers had been carted away, I was standing near the church speaking with two of my volunteers, a mother and son. Another woman we know came into the church, hoping to purchase some flowers and was disappointed to be too late. I felt guilty standing there holding a flower I had not purchased, and so offered it to her. After I assured her that I would not be seeing my mother today, and that the flower was given to me, she accepted it. The boy in our little group also offered her his flower, and explained that his mother was already wearing hers.

Well, the woman was very grateful and explained that she and her father were headed out to the cemetary to lay the flowers on her mother's grave. I believe this is her first Mother's Day without her own mother.

It wasn't until I returned to my office that I realized what had just happened. That rose was never meant for me; it was a gift given not to be kept, but to be held until the one to whom it really belonged could come in and pick it up.

That's what God does with EVERY gift He gives us; nothing belongs to us. Nothing comes from us. All that we have is transient and is meant to be passed on for the greater good of another. If we selfishly hold on to things, not only do we end up holding what does not belong to us, but we deprive another of something God intended them to receive.

God is always in the details, and knows our deepest needs. He knew this dear lady would not make it to the church in time, but He provided out of His great providence. I am profoundly humbled to be a witness to His loving care of a soul in need.

Thank you, Jesus.


Iona said...

I must admit that I struggle with being covetous and selfish. It isn't always easy for me to give with the 'cheerful heart' that God loves. Thus, it never really occured to me that something I have or something I have been given could possibly be for anyone else but myself.

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful insight. I feel like God is definitely speaking to my heart with this one :)

Anonymous said...

I think that was a beautiful thing you did! Keep writing. By reading about your struggles and your triumphs, you keep reminding me of what is most important - serving God no matter what.

You're always in my prayers!

Adoro said...

Iona ~ I struggle with that, too.

Rhonda ~ Oh, it wasn't me, it was God all the way. He didn't let me get attached...I didn't feel, from the beginning, that the flower was mine. so hard to explain!