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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God in the Small Things

We always want to do big things for God or for others, and so often we get so caught up in doing "big things" that we forget that no one remembers those things.  What people remember is the small stuff. The things that seem insignificant...but aren't.  People are far more touched by small kindnesses than they are by big awards or events.   And it's those little tiny "insignificant" events that might actually turn lives around.  

This weekend, God opened my eyes to bring this point home to me, revealing to me His own personal example of loving guidance.  There were many little moments where His hand was clearly manifested, and continued to be so. In fact, on Sunday, it was one huge river of Grace. Not rushing rapids, but a gentle current that just pulled me along, completely oblivious to the fact I was being carried.  

There have been constant reminders to focus on Him, to keep my focus on Him even when not in the chapel, and the result has been incredible.  Not because of any kind of "mountaintop" experience (which I don't think I've EVER had), but rather a consistent interior "ache" to be with Jesus, all the time, in every moment.  I've found that this "ache" isn't satisfied even when I am in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, but instead, it's a sort of sweet agony.  

To be clear, this is nothing akin to that described by the Saints; it could be that I'm borrowing terms because I have none of my own to use. But I do know objectively that I have not reached those heights and do not desire to mislead anyone in that regard.  

This is maybe only a consolation, a small one, but one that keeps drawing me closer to God.  

In any case, these little revelations of God's work have revealed to me His greatest love is not in the huge events, but in small, insignificant, passing moments.  We imitate Our Lord most perfectly when we do some small unnoticeable thing for another person, or even if we spontaneously duck into the church in passing by, just to say "hello" to Our Lord.  Our smallest acts of love have the greatest effect, both spiritually and in our relationships with others.  

God's small acts of love are similar, for that is how we come to know Him more deeply, but each of these little moments draws us more deeply into His heart. As we are drawn, we also come to more greatly appreciate the Cross and even desire to be united in any possible way with our Love...even if it means taking on the ultimate suffering.  When we experience this kind of love, it creates in us a desire to give ever more, until we are willing to give EVERYTHING for such a rare treasure. 

We don't get to that point because of a single big event (excluding the Apostle Paul!), but rather, through little, mutal acts of love.  Acts that no one notices, except for those who are truly, madly, love with each other. 

If we really, honestly desire to become Saints, the only way to get there is to keep our eyes on Our Lord, and never let anything distract us. Indeed, we will fail, but each time we look upon Him again, this is an act of love. Each time we fall,  He is hurt more than we, but our decision to rise up and look to Jesus again is a heroic act of love.  This is far more meaningful than living a cookie-cutter-Stepford-wife kind  of existence.  God did not create Stepford Wives;  He created human beings. He created us so that His love could be expressed in the most profound ways possible.  

It is in offering the small acts of love that one day we'll be prepared to offer the greater. And it is in our offerings that we are filled to overflowing. 

It starts in the details, it remains in the details...and those details multiply. 

Are we willing to love God so much that we can set aside our desire for big order that He can show us His perfect love in the little ones?

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Unknown said...

Love it...and working in my own life to do those "little things" with great love and with the intention of doing for the Lord. To follow those little inspirations....Thank you for the reminder....