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Saturday, May 09, 2009

B.U.L.L. (censored)

Everyone, put down whatever you are drinking and go immediately to the following post.  

Acts of the Apostasy: The 3 R's - Reading, 'Riting & Restrictions

Both he and I refuse to be responsible for your choking/drowning death and/or keyboard or monitor. 

Mantilla twitch to Adrienne for directing my mouthful of this post.   My dear, you didn't have a proper disclaimer.  YOU owe me a new monitor! 


Adrienne said...

Sorry :-(

Adoro, I had tears running down my face last night I was laughing so hard. Then I made my husband come and read it and it was even funnier the second time.

Larry Denninger said...

Thanks for the link, Adoro - sorry about your computer. Don't you have Spew Insurance?

Larry Denninger said...

Oh, and I found your picture on-line.