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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Abortion and Notre Dame

Today, Obama said at commencement, "Let's reduce unintended pregnancy!"

NO! NO!  NO!

The Blessed Virgin Mary's pregnancy was unintended. 

Jesus was a COMPLETELY unintended pregnancy!

My brother was an "unintended" pregnancy...because Mom had been told she'd never have children. By that definition, in spite of the fact that my brother came before me, the doctor's diagnosis didn't change, and although we were wanted and desired, we were not "intended" for our parents did not know we were even possible. Then along came...ME! My imperfect self.  Unintended by Obama's definition. 

Never mind all those who have sexual relations without realizing the natural ends of those sexual  relations. It amazes me that someone can look at such intimacy and be "surprised" at "unintended" results of an action that, as its natural end, is a child.  


I might be a "willed" child, but very likely "unintended".  

I thank God that Mom didn't "decide" to end her "unintended pregnancy".  

Just because a pregnancy is "unintended" doesn't render the created life to be useless or without merit. If anything, ending the life of an unborn child has a greater chance of rendering the life of the mother and father (or whoever makes the "decision")  without merit...not the child they slaughter in the womb.

What is abortion but an act of supreme judgment?   Judge not lest you be judged...

Good luck if you think abortion is A-OK!   Hope your own particular judgment goes better than that to which you just sentenced an innocent child! 

PSST!  If you still HAVE a conscience...there's ALWAYS  time for Divine Mercy....please go there! No matter WHAT you've done or advocated...Jesus is waiting to forgive you.  

He forgave me MY sins....He will forgive anyone...


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Adoro, I hope that you're ready for your 6 x 6 cell, the lines are being drawn. :), I'll see you there :)

Anonymous said...

well said, its easy to loose ones thinking process and not really 'hear', becasue he is a good elequent public speaker...
i put a link to your blog at

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Adoro: "Jesus was an unintended pregnancy"! True that.

X said...

I never thought of it that way before. Thank you for pointing that out!