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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What!? Multiple Sexual Partners are HARMFUL!??

What! Why weren't we taught this stuff in school when they handed out the condoms and discussed contraceptive methods?

Simple. There's a gag order of the demonic kind. And our popular culture is so wrapped up in pop psychology without merit, our society so hypnotized by pornographic images surrounding them, and so enthralled with their own "enlightenment" that they have not stopped to question the reality of the STD's that plague them. They blame everyone; the other person involved in their one-night-stand, their cheating boyfriend or girlfriend...but one thing is in common; no one has any sense of personal responsiblity.

What set me off on this? Check out this article, coming to you by courtesy of a Sister at MySpace:

Unfortunately, the young women....have fallen victim to one of the few personal troubles that our caring professions refuse to treat or even acknowledge: They have been made miserable by their "sexual choices." And on that subject, few modern doctors dare express a word of judgment.

Thus the danger of sexually transmitted diseases is too often overlooked in the lifestyle choices of the young women at the unnamed college where the author works. But the dangers go far beyond the biological. A girl named Heather, for instance, has succumbed to an intense bout of depression. The doctor presses her to think of possible causes. She can't think of anything. Then she says: "Well, I can think of one thing: since Thanksgiving, I've had a 'friend with benefits.' And actually I'm kind of confused about that."

Read the entire article here.

I'll post a few more lines:

Heather continues: "I want to spend more time with him, and do stuff like go shopping or see a movie. That would make it a friendship for me. But he says no, because if we do those things, then in his opinion we'd have a relationship--and that's more than he wants. And I'm confused, because it seems like I don't get the 'friend' part, but he still gets the 'benefits.'" It finally dawns on her: "I'm really unhappy about that. It's hard to be with him and then go home and be alone."

A few years ago I had a friend who was discussing a similar situation, the only difference being that she had talked herself into not caring about the "friendship" part. While I wasn't the most moral of persons at the time, I remember not knowing what to say to her; her comment was so against her dignity, what she was suggesting was so BASE that I was completely silenced.

Modern feminism has taught us that in order to be "free" we must give away all that we have, sexually. To have any form of disinterest in sexual exploration with the next guy to come along results in the question, "What's wrong? Are you a lesbian?" or "You must be repressed. What you need is a good -----." Thanks, but no thanks.

The situation described in the article is all too common. We women have been raised to teach ourselves to resist our feminine instict; that is, to home, family, constancy, chastity and even protection. Yes, we deserve protection. We deserve to be able to live holy and chaste lives...and yet, our culture laughs at this idea.

What I find ironic is that so much money is spent on contraceptives, marketing, clases about "safe sex" (which is quite the misnomer), and AIDS treatment. Yet no one is willing to discuss the consequences of all the chemicals, the reality that condoms don't prevent the insidious Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which often leads to cervical cancer; the reality that condoms break and can of course lead to other STD's including HIV, the reality that men more often contract and pass on the disease, and are usually more protected in that they spread it more quickly than the multiple women with which they have intercourse. You see; it's STILL the men who "sow their wild oats" more so than women, and of course, men tend to DELIVER the viruses and bacteria. Unless they are homosexuals, they often are not on the recieving end.

So how, exactly, are women recieving greater dignity through multiple sexual unions? How? Explain this to me. I really don't understand. Feminsim has taught us that we can be used over and over again, thrown away without recourse or justic, contract terrible diseases, have children with multiple men, and kill them if that idea is inconvenient to us.

How does this make us powerful? Notice the men get to cause the trouble and leave, but we are NEVER to accept any responsibility for our own imprudent actions, even on our deathbeds.

And let's talk about contraceptives...IUD's have punctured uteruses and done other internal damage. Besides killing viable embryonic babies, I mean. The Pill is a bunch of hormones that can screw you up emotionally (we all are familiar with PMS--I once had one pill to control that issue which did nothing more than make me cry ALL THE TIME FOR NO REASON). They are also linked to breast cancer, but it's politically incorrect to discuss that.

Pumping ourselves full of synthetic hormones CAN'T be good for us, but we have alll, like a bunch of cows, unquestioningly accepted this bunch of bullcrap as gospel truth and we have allowed ourselves to be injected, implanted, and given pills to ingest without any true knowledge of what it would do to us. And they prescribe these pills for ANYTHING, endorse them, encourage them, but never bother to discus the fact that, if we are using them as birth control, that they will have other consequences. And they refuse to publicly acknowledge that that the synthetic hormones alone can be harmful.

And then, getting back to the article, is the issue of depression, the loss of self-worth for being "used". We women have been taught, in the last, what, 30-40 years, that WE are the "predators" on the dating scene, and in order to "take control" we have to be aggressive and spread our legs easier than Skippy in order to overcome society's double standard.

I haven't seen how this has done any more than make us all look like a bunch of whores, and those of us who refuse? Nerds, geeks, prudes, repressed...insert your own personal insult here. In health class, they taught us that "No means NO!", but another reality has developed, in that men have come to expect that any woman they date is going to go to bed with them, and if she doesn't then she must not "care" for him. Never mind that no matter what we are programmed to believe, men and women view sex differently, even if we are forced to suppress our true feelings in light of what popular culture tells us we are supposed to feel.

When I was in college, someone was discussing a particular couple, and how one guy was not treating his girlfriend well. Why was she still sleeping with him, they asked her. Her response? "Because if he doesn't get it from me, he'll go get it from someone else."

Sadly, several women agreed. They were only sleeping with their boyfriends, not out of desire, but out of misguided "necessity", to keep him around. Because he'd find another heifer somewhere else.

Yup. I said "heifer", because that's how women are behaving these days.

Modern Feminism has done nothing to illuminate and uphold true feminity, true womanhood. Modern Feminism has caused the death of millions of women, and they will NEVER be vindicated, no matter how many pink ribbons one wears. No matter how much money you donate to the Susan B. Komen foundation (which, by the way, supports embryonic research and Planned Parenthood, and which, in turn, is funded by United Way), these women will never get their lives back, or undo the loss of dignity done to them, even by their unknowing acquiescence.

No, multiple partners are not freeing...they are enslaving, and the same thing applies to men.

We are all called to be chaste, celibate until marriage, chaste within marriage, and married to one person, one soul, in a holy sacramental union.

Any other arrangement is death, both spiritual and physical...and if you are out there telling yourself anything different and acting in a different manner, well, then search your conscience, your health records, and take a good look in the mirror before condemning my words.

Ladies, we have been lied to. Why do we persist in behaving like mindless cattle in the face of a culture that won't tell us the truth about our dangerous behavior? We enslave ourselves to men and it is WE who suffer the consequences, all in the name of "sexual freedom."

Pardon me, I fail to see any type of freedom in the sexual bondage of our current culture.

If you care to continue to lie to yourself, be my guest. But I'm sick of being used, I'm sick of watching women die in the name of "freedom" that doesn't exist, and I'm sick of the lies that force us to betray our true femininity in the name of "liberation."


Anonymous said...

A while back there was an exhibition of high school art in one of our city shopping plazas. The art was all of an incredibly high standard. But we have two single sex high schools in town and the contrast in their art was so marked. The boys covered a multitude of topics. But most of the girls' art was about body image. I felt incredibly sorry for our teenage girls that they have become so defined by this, and what a stress it places on them all.

Unknown said...

Some years ago a woman consulted a friend about a problem she was having with the guy she was living with and having regular sexual relations. He wasn't paying his full share of their living expenses.

She was asked why she didn't ask him for the money and she responded that she didn't know him well enough to talk about things like money issues.

Anonymous said...

Adoro, you have said all the things that have been brewing in me for the last five or six years, since I first read Christopher West (and he too gave words to my unspoken pain) and then found Theology of the Body. Thank you for this post. Thank you for your clarity, and your courage, in posting this. And if you haven't read West (which you probably have), I highly recommend him.

When I became Catholic and started to understand what lies modern feminism has persuaded us all with, I found LIBERATION in the truth...that women and men are created differently, that equality does not mean sameness, that sex is a way of fulfilling what God planned.

Anonymous said...

Right ON! Thank you for saying what I (and lots of women out there) feel!

It is a sad thing that in the fight for "equal rights" we have adopted a "If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em" kind of mentality and masculinized ourselves...and somehow believe we have empowered ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Adoro! These thought have been in my head as well, but you expressed them so much more cogently! I'm going to link to this post on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. You (and the poster of the article you linked to, and the author of the book, and everyone else who sees Chastity for the virtue it is) are my hero(es).

Chastity guards the heart and the spiritual physical and emotional center of a person. If you damage yourself with sexual sin, you can't see it, but the ache is real.

That's what the immoral voices in our culture don't want to acknowledge. Pick yourself up, straighten your clothing, wipe that frown off your face, take a pill if your feelings of sadness persist, and carry on. There's no such thing as sin or guilt. Foolish supserstitions that we've wisely done away with. On with the entertainments.