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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Morning

I attended Mass last night and drove, with my dogs, down to my brother's home to celebrate with my mother and he, and his girlfriend (hopefully soon to be wife) joined us after the Easter Vigil at her parish.

We were up until 3:30 am. Drinking wine, socializing. I seem to remember deep theological discussions and Biblical exegesis...and you know what? I didn't realize the amount of information my brain has gathered in the last couple months! So apparently the Holy Spirit was with us, too, because while my brother and his girlfriend remain unconvinced about Mary's perpetual virginity, they at least have something to think about. All because of the great posts and wonderful links posted by Catholic bloggers everywhere.

So to all you Catholics out there who take the time to post links for the enlightenment of us all...Thank You!

So anyway...this morning I am apparently engaging in the adult version of being up early playing with my Christmas toys. My new computer. Although, to be honest, this wasn't a gift from Santa, it didn't come down the chimney, and it wasn't hastily put together over night. And, I paid for it myself a month or so ago. But it was shipped to my brother, our family computer geek, and he has configured it, found a desk for it (which I have to pay him for today), and put the desk together.

People, I am lovin' my new Dell, lovin' my new desk, and I really pray that, now that I have the right equipment, I can get serious about writing. Not just blogging, which is fun, but serious publication-bound writing. All I want for Christmas is a career as a writer. I'll do freelance...maybe a few articles here and there will help pay for Grad school?

Well, I think I got tagged for a Meme, so before I go off on an exegesis of our family Christmas, which isn't over yet, as the house is still quiet, thus my blog still anonymous (my family doesn't know or read my blog and I'm keeping it that way), I will see if I can get to this overdue task.

More later on the family Christmas for it is nearly 12 years since the death of my father, and this year we are bringing his family traditions back and recapturing our heritage from his side of the family.


Our Savior is born!

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