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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Update on the Car

Everyone, thank you for your prayers!

First, this morning, I was able to get a rental at the "cheap" rate even though it was a midsized car, with a company that could deliver it to me and they also provide a pickup service.

And then this morning I got a call from the shop....

My heart was in my throat. What was the damage? Rip apart the block and rebuild? Catalytic converter damage? What?

Spark plugs.

Yup. Spark plugs.

They had initially pulled the plugs, but didn't see any wear, so replaced them and ran the diagnostic. The code was a 300 which ran on the first plug, and the other misfires were dependent upon the first plug's misbehavior. They messed around trying to figure it out, and determined that it was likely a faulty plug. But because of all the misfires, they had to replace all the plugs.

I was fine with that. And with the labor, and the diagnostic fee. $270.00. And when I got that information, I asked them to change the likely-blown fuse that seemed to have fried because I couldn't open my trunk via release or remote anymore.

Well, as it turns out, my trunk has an overrride switch, and I had apparently bumped no problem with any fuses. BONUS!

So the damage went from the imagined thousands, plus days of rental, to...$270. Yes, it hurt to hand over the credit card which was FINALLY paid off, but I can't really complain at all. I have no right to complain. God intervened, St. Joseph had his fatherly hand on me and lead us to the shop (the last exit, the last shop) and I didn't have to go to the dealership!

As an aside...people always think they have to go to dealers. For some things...maybe. But no, this is typically not required and typically, their labor rates are far above your average mechanical shop. Yet they will do all in their power to make you think that if you don't get your car repaired at their dealership, yoru warranties would be void. Not true.

Back to regular programming now.....

My car is fixed! *Happy Dancing*

Well, I'm off to RCIA. I'm not instructing tonight...I'll be listening and assisting in answering questions, though.

See? Prayers WORK!


Anonymous said...

Yea God!


Anonymous said...

woo hoo!

Anonymous said...


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Thanks Be to God!


Unknown said...

I'm glad for you, Adoro.

You should collect a few phone numbers from me and some of the others around here. My schedule is generally open all the time and I would be willing to help you (or others) if I can.

It's amazing how quickly a car repair bill can mount to $300 or so without even blinking. Especially with the newer ones.

Adoro said...

Well...the cost of the plugs themselves....$55.00.

Diagnostic... $90.00

Labor.....couple hours mechanical labor rate $180.00 or so.

Plus tax on parts, etc.

(part of the labor was the work that went into figuring out why the there were misfires).

Yeah, repairs are expensive.

I just thank God they didn't have to rip apart the block and scope out the cylinders.