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Friday, December 29, 2006

The Heresy Channel

Theocoid has a great explanation as to why the Heresy...uh, that is, History and Biography channels are completely useless to any bona fide Christian.

The Biography Channel is right up there with the History Channel in competition for the official title of "Channels Most Likely to Dispute Biblical Accounts." Perhaps the worst example is the series "Mysteries of the Bible," which should more properly be called "Postmodern Feminist Mysteries of the Bible."

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And that, my friends, is why I don't watch those particular programs. I'd prefer to get my Biblical education from credible sources. Wouldn't you?


Unknown said...

"Heresy Channel"

I love it!

In a theme of the season, "it shook when he laughed like a bowlful of jelly", and mine's still shaking.

Probably one of the smarter things I did in my life was cancelling my cable when I found out about the Internet about 1995 or so. So I'm not familiar with the Heresy Channel's current offerings.

But if I upgrade to cable modem, then I may have to get TV too, thus bringing a "near occasion of sin into my living room." Thanks for the warning, Adoro!

Anonymous said...

well you can look at it this way too, if you ever get big into helping others' convert to the faith, you can watch this as this is where most get their ideas from. I know I watch the history channel all the time and you DO catch things that are untrue...even when they are doing something on the Elizabethian era or WWII or something. So much for tv helping us who are less academic eh? (that would be me! I barely made it through high school...cant ya tell?)

Anonymous said...

Those shows certainly do provide fodder for conversation. I worry about the more credulous folks who eat up any conspiracy theory that seems to explain the moment's insanity. (I'd have to include my step-daughters in that mix.)

But, hey, at least it also feeds the rant machine. :-)