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Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Nativity Story

I went to see it with a friend tonight, and I agree with all the reviews I've heard both on Relevant Radio and those I've read online.

I do think there is a sect of people who have over-reacted to Mary's labor pain; considering that most women suffer a LOT more than what Mary was portrayed as suffering, I'm not going to complain a bit.

I would advise everyone who sees this movie to consider that it was made from a Protestant perspective, and keeping that in mind, they did a great job in their portrayal of Mary. No, they did not give her the status we Catholics do, but she is also not quite like her peers. And the scene with Elizabeth is so touching it brought tears to my eyes.

Joseph....well, I already have a devotion to him, but suddenly he's a lot more real to me. My devotion to him has just gotten a huge boost!

Throughout the movie, I often caught myself praying parts of the Angelus and Hail Mary's, which continued after I returned home.

Much food for thougt this Advent season, as we prepare for the second coming, while we remember the historical birth of Jesus Christ.


Anonymous said...

i just saw it yesterday, it WAS really good!

Cept I was disappointed that there was no drummer boy.... ;o)

Anonymous said...

I saw it just tonight. I liked it. I didn't think of it as being overtly protestant in any way, just a little over-simplified, and interesting in it's guess-work and filling-in-the-blanks.

I cried when the soldiers went to kill the male babies under two.

The most annoying omission was the choir of heavenly angels.