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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Novena to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Everyone take notice!

I recieved this e-mail this evening from a friend who was passing it out to members of our parish's Frassati Society. Please read the e-mail and pray the novena following, beginning on this September 1.

I should like us to swear a pact that knows no earthly boundaries or
time limits: union in prayer." ~ Pier Giorgio Frassati

Dear Friends of Pier Giorgio,

In either the recent or distant past, you have corresponded with
Wanda Gawronska about Pier Giorgio Frassati and are listed in her
email address book. She is allowing me to contact you with a special
invitation for everyone in the U.S. My name is Christine Wohar. I
am from Nashville, Tennessee, but am currently with Wanda in Pollone,
Italy, at the Frassati summer home. I am working on creating ways to
assist in your efforts to promote the spirituality of Pier Giorgio
and nourish your existing devotion. (All suggestions and ideas are welcome!)

I would like to begin with a nationwide novena this Friday, September
1st. I realize this is somewhat short notice, but I think there is
still time to get the word out.

If you are interested, here is all you need to do:
1) Email, print, copy, or distribute in any way you can the
attached novena, so as many people as possible will be praying together.
2) When you pray the novena, in addition to your own intentions,
please include the intentions of everyone else who will be praying
the novena around the U.S.
3) If possible, could you make an effort to visit the Blessed
Sacrament during the nine days but especially on September 1 which is
a First Friday?

I will be united in prayer with you by praying the novena here at the
foot of the bed upon which Pier Giorgio died and asking him to pray
for us in a special way. If you would like to email me your specific
intentions, I would be happy to place them on Pier Giorgio's bed for
you. Remember, for the next step in the canonization process, he
only needs one more miracle. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it happened
in the U.S. with this novena?!

Finally, if you are interested in participating and/or receiving
additional email correspondence related to events in the U.S., could
you please help me update my own address book? It would be a
tremendous help if you could email me, rather than Wanda, to reply to
this request. My address is I am
looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Verso l'alto,

Wanda Gawronska
Associazione Pier Giorgio Frassati
Via Anicia, 12 00153 Roma
Tel. 39/065895954 Fax. 39/065816275
www.piergiorgiofrassati. org

I will do my best to post the novena every day. As the intention of the days changes I can not just simply post it right now. Please pray this novena with me and all the others who hope that Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati grants someone the miracle needed for his canonization.


Anonymous said...


I really enjoy your blog, but maybe you should use spell check.

In many of your blogs you spell receive as "recieve". The rule is I before E except after C.

Anonymous said...

Some people can't see the forest for the leaves... I think this was meant to be a little deeper than 'i' before 'e' rules... but some people just need to be heard, even when they have nothing to say.

Anonymous said...

Very informative, thank you for writing this blog.