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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Abortion Clinic that does not know the difference between simple medical conditions....

Check out this local abortuary, and specifically, the section highlighted below from their "Abortion FAQ" page:

How long is the appointment for the abortion?
The appointment takes anywhere from 4 - 5 hours. You will be asked to fill out paperwork, be given a number of tests including a urine pregnancy test, a blood test to check your RH factor, and a hemoglobin test (to make sure you are not anemic "low blood sugar level"). A hemoglobin test does actually rule out anemia, however, the definition of anemia is NOT "low blood sugar". Anemia is 1. Pathology. a quantitative deficiency of the hemoglobin, often accompanied by a reduced number of red blood cells and causing pallor, weakness, and breathlessness. (from

low blood sugar is HYPOGLYCEMIA, which means, "low" and "sugar".

People, this is an abortion clinic, and not only do they kill babies, but they do not know the difference between one basic medical condition and another, both of which are common. Incidentally, both disorders have similar symptoms on the surface, but any medical professional should be able to quickly tell the difference.

And pro-abortionists proclaim that if abortion were outlawed that women would go back to "back alley abortions" using clothes hangers, which of course is complete mythology. They don't have to wait for that to happen for the incompetence of these "professionals" is pretty clear.

People, if a diabetic is suffering from hypoglycemia and the doctor treats them for anemia, that patient will die. Simple stuff here...yet women go to them, trusting that they know what they're doing, that this clinic cares about their health, and they believe the rhetoric that spouts how "safe" this procedure is. Good grief! Maybe they should bring a medical dictionary with them to read in the waiting room so they can catch the strange errors by the "medical staff".

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Christine the Soccer Mom said...

The thing is that the "back alley abortions" were done in medical facilities, but women went in the back way to avoid detection (after hours, perhaps).

When abortion became legal, women went to the very same places through the front doors.

So the only difference was the legality of the abortion, not the location or the doctors. Same killers, same carelessness, different doorways.