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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Five People in Five Categories

I got tagged by RobK at Kyrie Eleison for this meme:

Instructions: "If you could meet and have a deep conversation with any five people on earth, living or dead, from any time period, who would they be?" Name five people from each of the following categories:
Saints, Those in the Process of Being Canonized, Heroes from your native country, Authors/Writers, Celebrities.

Then, tag five people.


* St. Padre Pio - because my uncle was a friend of his and I have a letter from him stating that he added my brother and I to St. Pio's spiritual family long ago. The letter is dated prior to his beautification (I think).
* St. Joseph - how can you NOT love St. Joseph!
* St. Therese of Avila - because she scares me and I know she'd take me to task and I need that if I'm ever to be the saint God asks us all to become
* St. Francis - because he'd understand why I have 2 dogs, both rescues and why I won't give them up to make Grad school more convenient.
* St. Augustine - because I identify with him and wish I had his way with words

Do I HAVE to stop at 5?

What about St. Joan of Arc? I LOVE her! So many many restrictions in this meme.....

Those being canonized

*John Paul II - obvious one, there!
*Pier Giorgio Frassati- Patron of young adults, he was a skier (one my my passions), and quite mischievious as a future saint!
*Fulton Sheen - For the record: if I find a way to pay for Grad school, then he is the reason--I've asked him to be my patron in this endeavor. Vatican investigators, take note because I cannot do this without Divine Providence.
* Mother Therese - hers was the first protrait I ever drew and through this I learned I can do portraits. It's hanging on my wall and was blessed by a priest from India.
* Kateri Tekawitha! I admire her courage and her faith!

American Heroes

* My uncle, Robert, a soldier in the Korean war assigned to protect a priest. He was killed by a sniper.
* The firefighters/police/paramedics who died in the World Trade Center- I realize this is a group of people, but on that date I was in firefighter training for a certain city and on that day, I learned what it meant to be a firefighter. On the day that occurred, our class agenda was to learn the process of fighting skyskraper fires.
* Maya Angelou -- I did meet her once, briefly, but I'd love to have a chat with her!
* Picabo Street - She's my ski hero- I want her fearlessness
* Mother Angelica - obvious reasons-- have you read Raymond Arroyo's book?


* Stephen King - easily one of the great American authors.
* Mark Twain - You have GOT to read his story about St. Jean D'Arc
* Gary Jennings - read "Aztec" You'll understand
* C.S. Lewis - obvious reasons
* Michael D. O'Brien - Read his "Children of the Last Days" series. Fr. Elijah, Sophia House, Strangers and Sojourners, Plague Journal, and the current work I'm reading, Eclipse of the Sun. His observations are astute and all too real. If you haven't, pick up his stuff!


* Julia Roberts - I was once compared to her in high school and I like her work.
* Nicholas Cage - Gone in 60 Seconds.
* Jim Caviezel - Jesus!
* Eddie Murphy - Family Man
* Mel Gibson - Cut the guy a break, already-- the man suffers from a disease!

Sorry, I'm not into celebrities so I really have no commentary for this last one. I also reserve the right to edit this list at any time if I think of a better subject!

And the people to be tagged. They ignored me last time, but I'm going to tag the Hadleys again anyway! And because Angela Messenger was paying attention, she's IT! The Recovering Dissident needs to experience her first meme, and Ray at Northland Catholic. If someone else is looking for a tag, send me a note and I'll add you to the official list!


Anonymous said...

Gloria Steinem?????


Adoro said...

You get the prize for paying attention! :-)

Actually, I was thinking of Edith Stein (I still have NO IDEA what wires in my brain crossed to pull up the name of such a trecherous person, so THANK YOU for catching my very embarassing and very serious error. Yecch!

Anyway, you get a tag! Don't do what I did!

And Edit Stein isn't American, anyway, so the list has been edited.

God bless you my dear!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Gloria Steinem/Edith Stein-really what's the difference? ;-)

I see you meme'd me. What do I have to do? Send me an email or something since I'm ignorant of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Adoro - I am most relieved! I thought I might have to report you to the Pope or something!

Thanks for the tag!

Adoro said...

angela- if I was serious about that - woman - then you'd BETTER report me to the Pope..or at least to my parish priest. There would be serious penance to do! As it is, now I feel like I need to go to Confession...just the thought of her name makes me feel dirty. Yuck.

Cathy - All you have to do is copy/paste my entry (that's what I do) and then give your own answers. That way your post has the instructions and the format and then you can "tag" 5 others at the end. Unfortunately, most of the people I regularly read are already tagged or I get the impression they won't "do" a meme-- call it a hunch on some of them.

So I asked for people to invite themselves. Solves my problem and helps to catch maybe a regular reader I mistakenly thought was already tagged. :-)