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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Troll Roast

I just received this comment on this old post from 2005:

Dirk has left a new comment on your post "Those who fight monsters":

Die in a car fire!!! I love it!

This so retarded! Christians are so retarded! Religion is "ubber" retarded!

Trolls, please take note:

If you have any shred of dignity left in you whatsoever and choose to flame me, please make sure that you don't step in burning turds as you flee in cowardice.

The individal above who apparently mistook my comment field for a litterbox and dropped the above specimen may still be at large and in need of a burn unit as I doubt he lacked the intellectual and probably, spinal, ability to avoid going up in his own flames.

Further, if you ARE going to drop a flaming specimen of your own refuse, I would also recommend having a vocabulary consisting of at least a few more words than the number of fingers on both hands.

Please, Troll, for the love of God, if you're going to insult my intelligence and that of all Christians, make certain you have first removed your cranium from your anal orifice so that you do not end up even more greatly insulting yourself.

P.S. Dirk, you should be advised that the word "Uber" has only 1 "b" in it. I don't expect you get get the umlaut, but four letter words are generally fairly easy to spell, and the improper and unnecessary use of "scare quotes" in your specimen indicate you need to return to grammar school in order to learn the proper use of punctuation and spelling. 

Ah, I love the smell of roasting Trolls on a Wednesday afternoon!


X said...

LOL! What a knob!

Adoro said...

Who's a knob? Me? Or the troll?

Bobby said...

You reminded me that when I posted on a board (not the blog) about a dance studio offering "same-sex couples" in a ballroom dance class and contributions to homosexual activist groups, I was bashed for quoting the Bible.

Adoro said...

Bobby ~ And I'm sure the bashing you received was about as intellectual as the "bashing" I got from our good friend "Dirk".

Just makes you want to run right out and deny Christ, doesn't it....NOT!

I just love these "enlightened" types. Wishing me death in a fiery wreck, telling me what an idiot I am for following such an "archaic" "religion," etc. You know. You've seen it everywhere, too.

Every so often I just like to give a snarky response. I shouldn't, but today, I felt like it! lol

Michael said...

HAHAHA! That was by far the funniest post I have read in at least a month!! MMM MMM MMM... I can smell that little troll roasting as well!

Adoro said...

lol...thanks! I aim to entertain!

X said...

The knob is the troll, OF COURSE!!!!