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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We're not the ones so far away...

This is so wrong on so many levels I really have no idea where to begin. I'm nearly speechless, and believe you me, that does NOT happen very often! I found this handy-dandy link at our favorite Black Eye upon the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, the infamous and even...dare I say it?...outright schmismatic and probable heretical St. Joan of Arc Church! (My sincere regrets to the fine and venerable Saint, the REAL virgin and martyr, St. Joan of Arc. Pray for us).

Here's a snippet, and all I think I have the energy for tonight. Maybe I'll tackle this one another night, but for now, here you go:

In defining “What is Catholic?” Hunt believes being a Catholic is simply affirming “a commitment to do justice, that’s Catholic enough.”

In defining “What is Apostolic?” She explains, “The Apostolic Spirit occurs where there are hands that touch the hands and where people want to serve and share and break bread and drink wine.”

How do we make it happen without upsetting the apple cart? Hunt prefers to question, “It’s already been done. It’s more a question of how do we share the apples and who owns the cart?” We need to do major and not cosmetic surgery on these issues.

Found near the end of the piece, here is their basic mission statement:

The power of decision making comes down to trying to work with a system and subverting that system at the same time

The basic premise of this whole thing is that the dissidents such as the ringleader of this particular travesty, Mary Hunt, and her sidekick, the usual Agenda man, Michael Bayley, want the power to bend the most Holy Catholic Church, the Divine Institution we all know and love, to their unholy and damnable will. You'll read their anti-Catholic strategy with great interest, and I encourge you to breathe deeply and count to 10 after each sentence.

In a way, though I find their "stragegizing" to be pathetically futile and demonstrative of an undercurrent of fear. They are reacting not out of true concern for their version of "social justice", but out of a condition called "fear aggression."

What comes to mind is John 6; Jesus gave his teaching and let them walk away. He did not mince words and admitted that his teaching was difficult and his words were hard. And what was hunder and twenty disciples...disciples...walked away! And he let them go, just as he's letting these SJA parishioners go. The Truth is the Truth, and it is unchanging.

What I really love is the typical spin; Ms. Hunt is posturing that the Church has left them; they are victims of the big bad heirarchical Church, and they are trying so hard to be the faithless majority. The problem is that they are standing on a stage, speaking only to each other and the auditorium is empty. Why is it empty? Because the crowds have gone to hear the Vicar of Christ tell the eternal Truths.

I tell you all, something is in the wind, something is happening, something is about to happen because God is not happy with our culture of death, nor is he pleased that holy ground is being sullied in order to promote a diabolical agenda.

Saint Joan of Arc, Virgin and Martyr, PRAY FOR US!


Anonymous said...

Adoro: I'm glad you put this latest SJA travesty on the Web. I was going to post it to the Catholic Answers forum but I'm getting just so tired of pointing out again and again what is going on there. I wonder if the Archbishop has seen this? I wonder if he cares?

I applaud your strength, sister. As you can tell I'm kind of sapped right now. But, I am fighting the flu too!


Our Word said...

Excellent post, as usual. We have got to keep publicizing this, no matter how tired we may get of it. Eventually someone, somehow, will come to our aid.

Cathy - yes, I think the archbishop knows. Personally I think he cares. As an archbishop - I wonder. I truly wonder.

How can the same archdiocese have both a Novus Ordo like St. Agnes, an indult parish like St. Augustine, and SJA?

Anonymous said...

I'm weak from the abuses that continue to go on at St. Joan of Arc. Of course Bishop Flynn knows, who are we kidding? He is as much to blame.

owenswain said...

I'll tell you this, the Catholicism I quit my job as a Protestant minister and family's livelihood for had better be more, much more, than this Hunt says or I have just done one of the stupidest things in my life. I can only hope the anger I feel when reading the kind of folly Hunt prescribes is a righteous anger. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get answers at the following:

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton Basilica of Saint Mary.
“Is there Room for Me In this Church?”
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
In the Basilica

I wonder why Archbishop Dolan didn't let Gumbleton speak at the Cathedral in Milwaukee? Dolan said no but then another parish generously offered to host the event.

Gee, isn't the Basilica a Co-Cathedral of this Archdiocese? Therefore it might be considered Archbishop Flynn's Co-Church.

Our Word said...


Hang in there. As a convert myself I can sympathize with how you feel. I often relate to Whittaker Chambers, who when he renounced Communism said he felt as if he were leaving the winning side for the losing.

Keep in mind that Christ's Church is an infallible institution run by fallible men. It is very difficult to stomach when you see the abuses going on at places like SJA, and the weak and ineffective leadership we sometimes get from our bishops.

But there are good and solid parishes and priests out there, and this is where the true Word of God is being taught. You hunger for that word, and I do believe your anger is a righteous one. I have much difficulty controlling my own, and I know a part of it is Satan tempting me with that righteous anger, trying to get me to turn it into something far more deadly and corrosive.

This is when we are in most need of help, and we will get from Jesus, Mary and the saints. We can sanctify our anger by offering it up to God in the form of prayers for our bishops, secure in the faith that our prayers are never wasted. They may not change some of our bishops (more pity to them), but they will change us, and through them we will gain the grace and strength to withstand this trying time.

But make no mistake, I am angry as well. Now I just have to read my own words! :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus, have mercy! SJA's website has its very own pro-homosexuality page, essentially stating their endorsement for homosexual behavior and adoption 'rights' of sodomites and lesbian couples. All in clear defiance of the Magisterium.

YET when a holy priest speaks out courageously against the dissident all around, and speaks IN THE VOICE of the Church, he is silenced.

It doesn't take an Einstein to figure this Archbishop is just another damned wolf in shepherd's clothing. God help him. And all of us.

Adoro said...


Don't be so quick to judge Archbishop Flynn. I see that you live outside this diocese, so of course you would not have access to all the info we do.

First of all, regarding Fr. Altier, he is still very active in ministry and I have to admit that he is not exactly "silenced"; while he is to you and I (I don't attend his parish), many people are still benefiting from his words and his work. He likely has more time now to devote to his own parish to which he is assigned, and to his spiritual directees. God bless him in his work.

Under Archbishop Flynn, vocations to the priesthood are exploding. Last year, 16 men in our diocese alone were ordained. SIXTEEN! This is unheard of in most other places. And those becoming ordained are very orthodox. He is very involved with their discernment and their formation, and God bless him for that.

There's a lot going on behind the scenes. I do agree that he needs to do more, but quite honestly, even if he put his fist down on SJA, they would still exist...just somewhere else. And they'd likely have the audacity to call themselves "Catholic". I think that his strategy is going to try to turn them around slowly and boy, behemoth's such as that one don't like to turn at all. Maybe we should mail the ARchbishop a cattle prod to apply to SJA's backside. He could use some help.

So pray! :-)