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Sunday, March 05, 2006

One Dissenter to Another- will the irony never end?

I just thought I'd take a break from the Father Altier newsflurry and post a juxtaposition of true dissent in our archdiocese.

This, from the rabidly dissenting self-styled "prophetic" St. Joan of Arc parish in Minneapolis, MN. Perhaps we have some insight into their dissent through what I found there today. Now, the speaker is a Presbyterian elder, and you will not be surprised to read how proudly dissenting his own congregation is:

Especially interesting is this one snippet from his talk:

I have several good friends that worship at this parish. And I know how many of you struggle with certain elements of the Catholic church’s teaching. What a beautiful thing it is to struggle; to have differences and disappointments and sometimes pain, but to know that there is a spirit that transcends the authority and the legalisms that is just too precious to break bonds with.

My own Presbyterian congregation stands in dissent with our national church. It’s a good place to be. We will never act to sever the bonds but we will express our best understanding of the gospel and be the people where that spirit takes us.

Just a few points:

* For those who have not read the article, in the first paragraph, he refers to "this" parish, which is St. Joan of Arc.

* "...a spirit that transcends the authority...." Read this over again. This sentence is classic doubletalk, often employed by the enemy to hypnotize one into such false logic. Basically he's saying it's ok to overstep and go beyond authority if "the spirit" leads you to do so.

* His own dissenting (his word, take note) congregation will not break the bonds with their larger church. Funny thing, by their dissent, as in SJA's dissent, they have ALREADY broken those bonds and spiritually, they have turned their backs on God.

* The spirit he refers to is NOT the spirit of God, it is NOT the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not encourage people to thwart authority, but to obey true authority. Note that this speaker is not questioning the legitimacy of authority; rather he is justifying allowing "the spirit" to lead them into their own sort of queasy "authority". That, my friends, is a sign of the devil.

We know who runs both SJA and the congregation of the speaker, and it ain't God. Please take some time to pray the Divine Mercy for the souls of all those being led into hell by a "spirit" by the name of Dissent.

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