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Friday, March 10, 2006

More from the Archdiocese in Minnesota


Why do people continue to be shocked by that fact? Here's the latest offering from the local borderline anti-Catholic homosexual-worshipping television station. Of course, they picked it up from the AP, but if it involves the words "controversy" and "Catholic", it's sure to hit the news at some point.

Controversy over St. Thomas Travel Policy

ST. PAUL (AP) - The controversy is growing over a new University of St. Thomas policy barring unmarried couples from staying together on school trips.

More than 130 faculty members signed a letter opposing the policy. And a dozen faculty members showed their displeasure by skipping an event where they were to be honored. Staff members and some students are wearing black-and-red buttons accusing the Catholic university of discrimination.

The new trips policy was imposed last year after a lesbian choir director wanted to take her partner on a school trip to France. St. Thomas said that was inappropriate.

The issue surfaced again in November when two professors who have been a couple for more than a decade were asked to rent separate rooms on a student trip to Australia.

For those not from the area, St. Thomas is a local Catholic college, which clearly sports (likely tenured) professors of dissenting opinions. St. Thomas is also the home for the local St. Paul School of Divinity (seminary). I've notices that since orthodoxy has returned to the seminary, and the recent grads/ ordinations have spouted orthodox priests, likewise the school has begun taking a stand on behalf of the morality they were supposed to uphold all along.

Better late than never, I guess. But boy, are they looking at a battle. The best thing this school could do is offer the profs an escape clause from their contracts...either accept, follow, and promote the teachings of the Church, or don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

These profs are not so much heterodox, though, as they are hedonistic. As my Mom used to say, "They want what they want when they want it and everyone else be damned!" Funny thing is, though that it's those who are fighing this policy who will be damned by their own choice when they meet their judgment.

I applaud St. Thomas's stand on this issue. St. Thomas as a Catholic institution has a moral obligation to promote the teachings of the Church. They have an obligation to the students who attend to provide instructors and others who can stand out and stand firm, who are made of solid moral fiber, and who can lead by example. As it appears from this article, St. Thomas had not, in the past, done a very good job in hiring people who understand the true meaning of "Primacy of Conscience".

Might I suggest that it's time to clean house? The lines have been clearly drawn. Let the dissenting professors go, let them out of their contracts, and hire those who will uphold what Christ proclaimed, not what heretics push.

Happily, the tide is turning and I would guess that those protesters referred to in the AP report all had gray to white hair, worship a she-god revolving around prayer circles and eco-spirituality, promote abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, and wear Doc's. What that means is that thier breed is dying out. Their type of poison is no longer appealing to those being raised in the faith. but that's not to say they aren't dangerous.

These protesters are as dangerous to college students as an injured animal...they may appear to be sleeping, but their bite can be deadly, and the kind of bite they deliver doesn't kill the body; it kills the soul.

Just after my dad died in 1995, I had to take a course at another Catholic college in Minnesota (not St. Catherines, thank God!). At a time in my life when I really needed God, and needed to find him, a professor I admired taught that bad things happen because God is not omnipotent. God is NOT all-powerful. God doesn't have us all within the palm of his hand.

Is it any wonder, then, in my extremely vulnerable state, why I lost my faith after that? Is it any wonder why I didn't continue going to Mass, because, after all, God couldn't help me anyway. This, according to a Catholic professor in a Catholic college teaching a Catholic course.

Just like those professors at St. Thomas. They are killing their students, and they're proud of it, and some of those they affect will NOT be able to find their way out of the darkness and back into God's omnipotent hand.

St. Thomas, stand strong, and DO NOT BEND against the futility of dying-out protesters. It's the hardest thing in the world to stand against the wind, especially when the source of the wind is sewer gas such as this. But with the igniting flame of the Holy Spirit, this particular wind will blow up and only destroy the dissenting source, not those standing on the side of Christ.

I hope they publish the final outcome.

Please pray, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I had all but forgotten but I beleive that St Thomas is owned by the Archdiocese and its president, Fr. Dennis Dease, is a former pastor of the Basilica and was appointed by the Archbishop (Roach, I believe) in 1991.

Bishop James Shannon and Fr Terrence Murphy, previous presidents of St Thomas, had also been Archdiocesan priests.

But the screws do seem to be tightening over there.

The Confessionator said...

LOL, it is so true that so many secular articles treat the Catholic Church's constant reaffirmation of its teachings as breaking news.

Anonymous said...

I almost went to St. Thomas for law school. Seeing a refreshing story like this (imagine, a Catholic college insisting on being Catholic!) makes me wish I had attended.

Adoro said...

St. Thomas has a lot of heretical professors, so it just goes to show that the school isn't all "that" Catholic. It is nice to see them take this stand and I want to be one to support them in it.

Among the heretics there is a theology professor by the name of Nelson-Pallmeyer, and he recently taught a "retreat" that I blogged about at St. Joan of Arc parish, in which he trampled on Jesus Christ with his Hellspawned philosophy. As he's likely tenured, hopefully he'll just leave soon for pastures which will not feed him Catholic college souls.

There are others there, but that one is at the top of the list of "Profs that need to GO".

I pray that St.Thomas will continue standing for morality and not cave in to profs that can't be bothered to live what they are supposed to be teaching.