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Monday, March 27, 2006

Blasphemy from Within

I don't know why I continue to look for this stuff. Maybe I'm supposed to grow in the virtues of temperence and patience, and maybe I'm supposed to work harder at loving my enemies. But it's so hard to love the enemies from within that are working so hard to subvert the Church we love from within. Of course we know how the story ends, but that does NOT dissipate the righteous anger one feels when confronted by such trash.

Page down and check out the cartoon.

Do you notice the affiliation? This webzine is the unholy spawn of the local black eye, SJA. They are directly affiliated with the parish that calls iteself Catholic, but is actually a poorly disguised gateway to Hell and damnation.

This trash, actually LINKED to a "Catholic" parish, is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I have sent the link to the Catholic Defense League.

Don't just sit there! PRAY!

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