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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sinners' Anonymous--or maybe not so Anonymous

I've decided that it's time to stop living this lie, living this life in shame and shadows. It's time to come out and admit it.

My name is Julie and...I'm a sinner. I have to go to Confession...frequently. I sin all the time. Lots of stuff, and it seperates me from God and even sometimes people I love. I do all kinds of things I'm not proud of, and so it's time to admit that I, Adoro Te Devote, am a sinner. See? I sin under both names!

So who's with me this lenten season? Anyone else wanna share your testimony? Don't leave me hanging out here all by myself! I was hoping to start a Sinner's Support group, and maybe, just maybe, we can help other people get to Confession this Lenten season.

Who's with me?


Our Word said...

My name is Mitchell, and I too am a sinner. I go to Confession regularly, because I sin regularly. I am a most ungrateful son of God, judging by the number of times I offend Him with my actions. I occasionally allow the devil to tempt me with despair, in thinking that my miserable life isn't worth saving, to think that I am nothing but a miserable sinner.

But Jesus, fortunately, doesn't by that line from me. He keeps trying, and I keep trying, and with his help perhaps I'll get it right one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Julie (Adoro): Who is NOT a sinner? We all sin. The difference is are you willing to do something about it? Are you willing to get right with God by availing yourself of the enourmous gift of sacramental Confession.

I to am a miserable sinner. I struggle with the same sins over and over. My confessor (God bless him) is always patient and happy to see me. He said everytime you go to Confession Satan is unhappy because for that time he has totally lost you. Amen.

I'm with you, Julie!

Adoro said...

Wow, 24 hours and only 2 admitted sinners?

Thanks for coming forward!

I remember how much I struggled, trying to come back and go to Confession, and it was a long time before I was "comfortable" with it. But now, I love the sacrament. I have been known to go in, sometimes feeling defiant. My defiance nearly prevented me from going, but I knew that my defiance is what leads me into sin, so I needed to bring my defiance before the Lord and confess it. And an amazing thing happened. Even as I related my sin defiantly to the priest, and I confessed that I wasn't sorry about it one bit, he said not a word. I admitted that I knew that I had offended God...and that did it. It was all over, and I sheepishly had to admit that I WAS sorry! My defiance was gone. Erased, and I was humbled.

Amazing. If someone can go to Confession in defiance, and experience conversion within the That kind of thing doesn't happen anywhere else. It doesn't change my defiant tendencies...because, of course, I'm a sinner...and so that means I have to go back again and again. And the cool thing is that every time I've cringed, ready for condemning words at my bad behavior, the good priest has said things to the effect of, "It is clear that God is working in your life...." etc.

And I sit back and think, "How did you get THAT from what I just told you?"

But Confession is an experience of true conversion. It's not about feeling at all, but about grace. We need grace to get there, and grace to face ourselves and God honestly. After all...he already knows what we did. We just need to come to the point where we can admit that what we did was wrong.

So...are there any other sinners out there having any difficulty getting to Confession? Need a pep talk?

Anyone? I KNOW we three aren't the only sinners out there!

Unknown said...

Going to Confession after having been away for a long time is always tough. After the shame and embarrassment, the worst part is doing an examination of conscience and trying to remember everything. And believe me, there was always lots to remember.

So last Summer, I said that maybe if I went more often, I'd remember stuff. And you know what, I do. And the grace from more frequent Confessions helps a bit with recurrances. So I have been going more frequently (because I still sin, a lot). The worst part of it now is that stuff that I never thought much about before probably is sin and my examinations of conscience are getting more complicated.

The second worst part is trying to find a good confessor. Some priests are pretty casual. I need more guidance. I think I have found one now but he is part time at a St. Paul parish. Hopefully he will be there tomorrow when I get in line again.

And then I will get to hear those wonderful words after I make my Act of Contrition, “I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Anonymous said...

Well, I headed over for Confession this afternoon and got the time figured wrong. I thought it was 4:00, but it turned out to be 4:30. But by 4:25, still not knowing that and no sign of a confessor, I decided to head over to St. Agnes tomorrow and be prepared to stand in line.

Then the celebrant of the 5:00 showed up. He's only 6 months out of the seminary; I'm content with my decision.

I finally figured out how to work the "identity" choice, I think.

Jman said...

I'm Jeff and I'm a sinner. I sin all the time. And I often fall to the same sins. Nothing like confession to make you humble, but you know what nothing like leaving confession and feeling like you just got out of the shower and put on some clothers that just came out of the dryer.

I had a bout where I was going like every other day. It was tough to get up and each time, but you know my hope is that it made me stronger in fortatude and humility. The devil is there trying to stroke your pride saying don't go back you'll just fail again. But I owe it to my Lord to go as much I need to.