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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stuff I'm Against

Terry Nelson at Abbey-Roads tagged me for a meme several days ago (I KNOW!) and I'm finally getting around to getting it done. 

He posted a whole slew of stuff (well, 3 things) he's against and has invited the rest of us the do the same. So batten down the hatches and hold on to your toupees, here it comes:

What Adoro is Against:

*  I'm against stupid drivers. If you don't know where you're going, coming to a sudden stop on a  busy freeway in order to BACK UP in order to turn onto an exit ramp you missed is NOT the thing to do! Further, if you're going to screw up, do it quickly and get out of the way. Oh, and if you rear-end someone, do NOT explain to your insurance company that the guy you hit, yeah, the one who came to a stop perfectly safely only to be sent to the hospital by YOU, did not "give you enough time to stop." Really?  Ever hear of maintaining a safe distance?'s State Law.  Did you actually PASS your driver's test or did you steal the test out of the hand of a 16 year old who actually studied for it? 

*  I'm against schnockered and pickled jerks-for-neighbors with apocolyptically-loud motorcycle engines revving them (yes, REVVING) in the red-line for extended periods at 3 -3:45 am early on a Tuesday morning when most of the world is sleeping. (I'm against this same BS in the middle of a nice afternoon, too. There is no reason for that kind of idiocy.)

* I'm against ice storms that pack so much ice down on the sidewalks and driveways that it is necessary to turn the neighborhood into a luge course just to get around. 

* I'm against mandatory pickles on hamburgers. What is UP with that?

* I'm against "modern art". It may be modern but it sure ain't Art! It needs to go the way of "Art Deco" which also wasn't art and shouldn't have ever become "deco". And don't give me any flap about the popularity of "Retro-crap". It was crap then, it's crap now, and the only reason to do something in "Retro" is to make fun of it.

* I'm against the terms "Liberal" and "Conservative" in conversations about Catholicism as the terms are political and have NO PLACE in Catholic conversation.  I resent having to use those terms just to be understood and to constantly, when using the terms, have to state why they are inappropriate, and what's more, I hate the fact there are factions within the Body of Christ and I wish people would wake up and stop trying to politicize that which is supernatural, holy and so far beyond politicization that doing so just makes the "camps" look stupid.  (See my last bullet point before you comment.)

* I'm against Abortion, Planned Parenthood, the moral depravity that made this obscene horror "legal" in our country and keeps it going, and the outright battle to rip and shred innocent children and harm their mothers in unseen but agonizing ways while supporting the salvation of seals and whales and the Arabian Ocean Fig Bush growing somewhere in the Alaskan tundra. Seriously, life is so devalued here that even stuff that never existed has more legal protection than any given human life!

*  I'm against "grooming" dogs to look like other animals. Seriously?  Your golden retriever is NOT a lion and is completely embarrassed by that weird clip-job you gave him. Have some respect for your best friend!

* I'm against the high price of sushi only because the high price means I can't afford to eat it very often.

* I'm against bloggers who do nothing but rant all the time. Or even sometimes.  Right. I'm completely against what I'm doing right now.

* I'm also against hypocrites.

I'd talk about more stuff I"m against, but as I'm a faithful Catholic, was a Firefighter on 9/11 and watched 300 fellow firefighters die that day, and have clearly stated my position on many issues of Faith and Morals in the course of this blog, if I said anything else it would be redundant.  I agree with everything Terry said on his blog as far as what he's against, and he said it better, anyway.

As far as tagging, well...the feisty bloggers have already been tagged in one fell swoop.  So if you're feisty, mad, and damn it, you aren't gonna take it anymore, go ahead and tag yourself, leave the stuff YOU'RE against in the combox or a link to your own blog regarding the stuff you're against!

And don't  yell at me if you disagree with my list. Just add me to your list of stuff you're against.

I need the notoriety and attention your sputtering anger will bring to my blog.


cuaguy said...

So, I am reading this, and I must ask the following question. Is there anything that you aren't against?

Unknown said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Adoro said...

Nope. I'm against everything.

Except for the stuff I'm for, and then I'm for that stuff.

Adoro said...

Steve ~ I have visited your blog and I have this to ask you: WHY are you asking me to follow your blog?

Are you looking for theological discussion on our differences in Christian belief? I see you are an apologist for Sola Scriptura (not sure what your religious affiliation is, though.)

I just kinda wonder why you follow my blog. Know that I am asking sincerely as I can tell from what you write, and from personal experience, that you strongly disagree with my Catholic beliefs (even though you have not stated so outright in your own blog). Please forgive me if I am wrong on any count here.

I am truly curious. Please come back and comment.

Terry Nelson said...


Adoro said...

Terry ~ You mean "Bravo". Remember I'm not a nazi-fascist-radicalfem. I actually have a basis in logic even when I am screwed up. You mean "Bravo" and anything less than the male ending is an offense to my dignity as a woman and a child of God.

So..I'm against inclusive language too. Especially when you use it.


Austringer said...

Hi Adoro,

Dittos on several items, especially the high price of sushi; the terms "liberal" and "conservative" when "heterodox" and "orthodox" are really the relevant terms; modern anti-art; hypocrite clergy and religious; and of course abortion.

I'd also add: Ayn Rand and the loopy followers of her philosophy; heterodox clergy and religious; the celebrity culture of our country. People who go overboard in their affection for animals (no, I do not mean you!), who don't care so much for humans. Oh, and I'll add the Obama administration and political liberals.

Adoro said...

Austringer~ Great list (and I know you didn't mean me in relation to animals..we've discussed such things and you remember when I lost my greyhound...heck, you remember him and commented on his beauty in person!)

And the O Administration...worst "leadership" we've EVER had in this country!

me said...

I'm for the energy displayed here, like I was actually in a room listening to you, with an astounded look on my face!
Great rant, even though I know you personally were 'against' your own post ;)

Maria said...

Said the Bishop:" I am not a liberal Catholic.I am not a conservative Catholic. I am a Roman Catholic". There is only one Truth...

Adoro said...

Shadowlands ~ LOL! Well....I DO tend to be passionate about things every now and then. After all...I'm Irish! ;-)

I once went off on a passionate rant on the phone with a friend. After a moment of silence he asked, "Uh...did I open a can of worms?"

Me: Nope. I'm done now.

Normal conversation ensued. ;-)

Maria ~ I see that's your favorite topic. ;-)

Which Bishop are you quoting? I've seen it from many and many Catholics and I've used it myself and have written of it often.

Maria said...

Adoro: A Bishop said these words to Fr. Hardon SJ. I am uncertain as to which Bishop said this. I will try and track it down.

Dr. Sanders said...

I agree with (that is, I'm also against) a few things on your original list--abortion, PP, modern art (which for me includes most modern music)--plus inclusive (pronounced "abuse of") language.

In addition, I would add:
-Catholics who will rush to the defense of any heresy/philosophy/ideology/religion except for the Church
-liturgical abuse (especially liturgical dance and some of of "modern" vestments)
-heresy, especially if deliberate (e.g. "dissent")
-The lack of respect shown in Mass by the way the average churchgoer dresses (outside of TLM): actually the lack of respect shown by people in general by how they dress
-Homosexualists (not necessarily homosexuals)
-Obama's lack of leadership
-The mess we'd be in if Obama did not ahve a lack of leadeship, and thus was able to push his general social agenda through in its entirety
-The mess we're in now, because of the colusion of big government and big business
-Social engineering in general
-People who think that expertise in one field translates into competence (let alone expertise) in other fields
-The abuse of salaried jobs to squeeze more than 40 hours/week out of workers without additional compensation
-Spirituality without actual spirits, or the belief in "God without Religion," or in "Christ without His Church"
-Steamed vegetables
-Big Government, Big Business, and especially Big Labor
-People who say "affect" when they mean "effect" (and vice-versa; same with other homonyms and quasi-homonyms)
-Grammer Nazis (so maybe that includes the previous statement?)
-Comments which are overly long (perhaps this is one)
-Commenters who haven't actually read the post on which they are commenting
-And my own failings as a sinner

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it was an exhausting one.

Larry Denninger said...

I'm with you on stuff you're against...but I'm also against that you haven't blogrolled me. :-(

I'm not that bad of a guy. Really. Just ask Terry.

Adoro said...

Larry ~ LOL...just an oversight, I assure you!

Although I do recall trying to follow your profile in the past and not being able to so had no idea where you blogged. Only found it fairly recently.

I don't often update my links so next time I do, you're on the update list! (With a few other squeaky wheels!) ;-)