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Sunday, February 01, 2009

You Can't Just Make This Stuff Up!

A friend of mine, Lillian-Marie, sent me this story via email and gave me permission to post it.  No names will be used!   And, this carries the standard disclaimer:   PUT DOWN YOUR COFFEE OR WHAT-HAVE-YOU BEFORE YOU CHOKE! 

OK, here goes:    

My parents knew this couple who went on a long weekend skiing trip - the first snow of the season. They planned their trip down to the minute because they wanted to spend as much time on the snow as possible; they were very experienced skiiers. So much so, that they even reserved a room in the lodge rather than a hotel nearby.

The arrived, stowed their belongings in their room, gathered their gear, and went up the ski lift for the first run of the day. They got to the top of the highest hill, and she realized she had to go to the bathroom. With all of the excitement, she forgot to go before they left for the hills. Her husband asked if she can wait because it wouldn't take long to get to the bottom.  

No, she couldn't - she had to go right now.

He told her to go ahead and go there at the top of the mountain.  No one else was on the hill and he would watch to see if anyone would be coming up the lift. She told him to turn around because, with women, it's not a very dignified position to be in. He did so.

A little moment later he asked if she's okay. No word. Thinking that maybe she didn't hear, he asked again, then heard a scream.  He turned around - she's not there! 

He looked around - nowhere to be found. He glanced around trying to figure out where she could possibly have gone,  and to his shock, saw her skiing down the hill, backwards, in the crouched position, pants down to her ankles.

He took off after her, flying down the hill trying to catch her.

Finally, toward the bottom, she fell and in the process of this indignity, broke her leg. He caught up to her a moment later, trying not to laugh, and told her that he'd go call the ski-patrol. 

In a very stern voice, she demanded that he pull up her pants before he goes. (keep in mind her leg is broken).  After much pain & struggle, the pants come up, everything organized, and he takes off.

They get to the hospital, confirm the leg is broken and put it in a cast. They finally get back to the lodge late that evening.

The next morning, while eating breakfast, she demanded that he go out and ski. She wanted at least one of them to get as much time on the snow as possible...and she sealed the deal with the fact that she did bring a few books - she could read in the lodge main area by the fire. After much deliberation back & forth, he conceeded and continued to ski.

That afternoon, she was sitting by the fire with her book, and her leg propped on a sit-a-pon. A gentleman came and sat in the chair next to hers. She noticed that he had a cast on his arm. She asks what happened. 

the man replied, "Lady, you'll never believe it if I told you.'" 

She responded wryly, "Try me." 

He was on the ski lift when he noticed someone skiing down the hill backwards, mooning everyone. He laughed so hard he fell out of the ski lift.

She spent the rest of the time in her room.

THANKS for the permission to post this!   

And as the question came up in the combox...LM assures us this is NOT an urban legend, but actually happened.  


Unknown said...

Thank you for this story, I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. The mental picture is even more humorous. All I can say is there but for the grace of God go any of us. With our humiliations, it sometimes seems even God needs a good laugh now and then. Thanks also for the warning about the coffee!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It's still so funny reading this again.

Warren said...

You know what's most fun to me about this story? Go to a theoreticial physicist or an evolutionary biologist, and tell them this story, and they will patiently explain that this story MUST be made up. Then ask them about the origins of the universe. Sit down and listen, it will take a while. And try not to laugh as they spin their story.


Anonymous said...

An urban legend... about 30 years old:

Still funny, though.

Anonymous said...

Anon - it may be in 'urban legends' however, my parents KNOW the people that this happened to, personally. They're good friends.

So, apparently not everything on urban legends is actually false.

Adoro said...

LM, sorry, forgot to give you credit to start, credit now formally given. And thanks for defending your story.

Here's the thing with Snopes...some stories might have BECOME urban legends because the source is unverifiable, but that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't actually happen.

Personally, I think that even if you were to come back and tell me it was a hoax, it would STILL be hilarious!

Karianne ~ Always happy to make someone fall out of their chair laughing. :-)

Warren ~ Amazing, isn't it?