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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Faithfulness in Trials

When will I ever learn?  

When will I finally learn that when in trial, to go to prayer?  

From night prayer, Psalm 143: 

I remember the days that are past;
I ponder all your works. 
I muse on what your hand has wrought
and to you I stretch out my hands. 
Like a parched land my soul thirsts for you. 

Lord, make haste and answer;
for my spirit fails within me.
Do not hide your face
lest I become like those in the grave.

In the morning let me know your love
for I put my trust in you.
Make me know the way I should walk:
to you I lift up my soul. 

I've been praying the Office since last Easter Season, when the volumes came into my hands. And so often, when I take it up, especially when facing some problems, large or small, the Word of God contained within speaks so clearly that I cannot ignore that "still, small voice."  

It's not always direction as to what to do, but maybe just an expression of understanding, of God's presence no matter what trial or trap I've walked into.  

No, prayer doesn't make problems go away, but it gives another perspective. It reminds me that I'm not alone.  Praying the prayer of the Church, knowing others are praying the same words, maybe the same phrases speaking as profoundly or even MORE profoundly to them. 

Knowing God's presence in every moment.  

Just knowing God.  

Such a blessing, such a balm for my soul.  

Knowing God is enough.   Solo Dios basta. 

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