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Friday, February 27, 2009

First Friday of Lent

I've been having really vivid dreams lately, though, and that usually indicates I'm just overly tired. Which is true.  

On Wednesday night, I had a dream I was with some religious sisters, and one was apparently getting ready for her Investitutre (i.e. clothing ceremony).   As we were talking, she was trying on her wimple, which apparently they had made.  The Sister who was assisting turned to me and said, "There is an indulgent granted for those who wear the wimple." 

"Really?"  I asked, surprised.  She went on to explain the indulgence, however, I can't recall what was said. Which is just as well...I'm pretty sure the theology was the usual jumble of dreamland nonsense. 

Last night I dreamed I was with a group headed to Rome. Something happened, and they sent us to France instead, with the intention of bussing us to Rome.  

I think we flew into Versailles, and I remember walking around dark streets, seeing cool works of art. One street in particular stood out to me, and I thought maybe it was one where a movie was filmed. But after some discussion, we realized the statues were all wrong and the movie had been filmed probably in some dark streeet in Paris...which oddly, was also where we were at the time. 

Then we were headed to Madrid, but not without a stop in Venice.  I was so excited to be in Venice, and suddenly we found ourselves in the canals, which were filled with raging waters.  There were gentle swelling waves (but a LOT of them!), and the occasional rapids. As our gondola raced through and around the city, we couldn't believe this was how the Venetians had existed for so long!  Oh, my, it was FUN!   

(as a side note, I'm thankful that the water ISN'T like that in Venice!)

Then, suddenly we found ourselves in some upper room in some building in Venice, because while we were out, apparently someone had drugged me, so my friends brought me to a hospital of some sort. But the doctor wasn't interested in finding out what drug I'd apparently been given, but instead focused on my family's history of any drug use.  He was going to test for THAT instead (even in the abscence of methheads in my family).  I thought him quite odd and suggested he find out what I'd been given.  Nope.  It was more fun to want to run irrelevant tests. 

I think around then, I woke up.  There was a great deal more to the dream, but there's the gist of it.  

No, I've never been to Europe, and I'm quite certain my trip wouldn't be like my dream if I DID go there! 

I am sad that I never made it to Rome, however.  :-(  

Well, it's time for me to clean up and think about heading to the very real place where I spend my  

This evening it's Stations of the Cross followed by Mass.  Followed by dinner and much studying. 

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