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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

St. Blase, We Have A Miracle!

Today is the Feast of St Blase, Bishop and Martyr, and if you go to Mass today, you may receive a throat blessing compliments of this Saint. Legend has it that he saved a child from choking on a fishbone.

Although fishbones aren't the things that tend to plague us these days, he is the patron saint of conditions affecting the throat, and is often invoked for his intercession in things like throat cancer, laryngitis, choking, thyroid problems, etc.

I had a friend who once experienced a healing after she received the throat blessing; she had a node of some sort on her neck and was concerned that it might be cancerous, was going to get it checked. After Mass, after the blessing, she felt a "burning" sensation on her neck, and when she placed her hand on the spot, it was gone. When she arrived home and could check, the node had completely disappeared! (And no, it wasn't a zit.)

Well, for days now, I've been praying to St. Blase, realizing first with dismay that my cold was settling low and that my vocal cords would be affected. Then when laryngitis struck, I began praying I'd be able to speak well enough to give a It's the second of two talks I have to give throughout the year, and it's a major event. (Not because it's me, but because of the information it's in my job description to present!)

For the last 2 days, I could barely speak, and so yesterday I worked a half day, sacrificing the rest so I could come home and ensure I wouldn't have to speak. When my roommate came home last night, she realized my Vow of Silence immediately and took care not to even speak to me unless it was necessary, so I wouldn't be tempted to respond! (I did have to write a couple notes for her, but otherwise gestures sufficed.) seems I have a voice today! It's not 100%, and I'm still going to do my best not to speak for most of the day, but I think I'll be able to give the presentation tonight.

This is nothing short of a miracle...if you'd heard my voice yesterday, you would realize even the futility of silence.

Please keep praying to St. Blase, though...this presentation ain't over 'till it's over!


Anonymous said...

Started the Novena to Our Lady of Lourdes today at the Shrine - prayed for you, the talk, and all of the parents and children in attendance...that God would give you and the other speakers the words that the audience needed to hear.

God Bless!!

Deacon Bill Burns said...

Yay! Wait, that means you will be working instead of recuperating.


Adoro said...

LM ~ Thanks! I still have my little bottle of Lourdes water...!

Theocoid ~ yeah, but I NEEDED to be at work, and it went well, made it through the presentation.

An awful lot of people are sick!

J.Samuel Ross. said...

I was sick on the day, and thus did not get my throat blessed. Now I have no voice.

Banshee said...

I got a sore throat on the day, and so did Fr. Z and Rocco of Whispers.

We must be the ones that St. Blaise regards as "special". As in, needs to offer it up more. :)