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Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm sick. Really sick.

I haven't been this sick in years!

For three days last week, I wanted to be home from work, but was riding that know the kind: feeling dismal, but really not dismal enough to stay home. Why waste a sick day when you don't really need to?

Laid low all weekend, didn't go to the gym as this cold has settled in my chest. Randomly woke up coughing each night, even my new roommate heard it.

She's sweet...left me a "Get Well" card this morning, signed by..."the dog"! lol

* cough cough cough * ugh, can't even laugh!

I have a major presentation tomorrow, a 2-hour thing, which thankfully doesn't involve me talking for 2 hours straight, but long enough. Unfortunately I have laryngitis and am not sure I'll be able to do anything. My boss will be there and has a portion of the presentation, think I will see if she can give the main catechesis, too, which I have written out. She'll probably do a better job, anyway.

Today I HAVE to go in, so much to do to prep, but I think I'll take the afternoon off and come home to lay as low as possible. Tomorrow will have to be a long day.

Were it not for the pres. tomorrow, I'd just call in and go back to bed. But, life is in the way of my preferences.

And no, I'm not one of those "martyrs" who never uses sick days; I tend to be more cautious ever since I did almost literally die from what I believe was Bronchitis several years ago. In fact, the way I woke up last night a few times was a little too much like that (not nearly as bad, just reminded me, don't worry.)

OK, off I go...


Hidden One said...


In the arms of the Lord is the best place to be... :-)

Adrienne said...

Get well. I DEMAND it!!

Adoro said...

Hidden One ~ Yeah, He's nice...

Adrienne ~ Well, I wish that would work! But, gotta ask...does GOD demand it, or does He will that I not be able to speak tomorrow? Only the coming dawn will tell...

Anonymous said...

Ask the Blessed Mother to take care of it for you.


Adoro said...

I already have. Things will go according to plan. (God's that is, not mine!)

I'm going to Mime Holy Communion....